3 FREE Printable 2015 Calendars

free printable calendars

A new year, a fresh start.
I always LOVE the way a brand new calendar feels, don’t you?

There are so many uses for a calendar in the home and I often find myself printing off single months at a time to keep track of a variety of activities, countdowns, etc.

Of course, we have one main, family calendar that is magnetic and stays on the fridge for all to see. I colour code appointments, events etc. (each family member has their own colour) in order to make it easier to read at a quick glance. I also use the calendar on my phone A LOT, but I also love having a family calendar and so do the children. There is always the debate as to how far in advance *some* things should be added to the family calendar, but that is a topic for another time.

For those of you who enjoy printing off calendars by the month OR if you would like to print off a full year and bind it yourself, here are some free printable 2015 calendars for you to use:
Thirty Handmade Days – Printable Calendars
Printable 2015 Calendars
Just a Girl and Her Blog – Free Printable 2015 Calendar

Do you have a calendar system that works well for your family?

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5 Responses to 3 FREE Printable 2015 Calendars

  1. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the templates,will try to print one over the weekend

  2. elizamatt says:

    this is fantastic, thank you so much it’s just what I need. 🙂

  3. Darlene Schuller says:

    My daughter loves these! I print 1 a month for her she hangs in her room. She’s learning to keep track of her school functions/events and homework..

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