Little Star Wars Fans: May the 4th Be With You Tomorrow! {Free #Printables for Preschoolers}

I will admit that until I met my hubby, I didn’t know a whole lot about Star Wars, but now, I am happy to share that I have seen all of the movies, played with the toys and read a few books.

I had no idea about May 4th until last year, I really wasn’t involved in the Star Wars “world” too much other than when hubby would ask if I wanted to watch one of the movies with him or if my son asked me to play with his Star Wars figures.

The Star Wars Community is hard core!

They even have a special day to celebrate, did you know? May 4th?

May the “Force/4th” be with you.

So for those of you parents who have little Star Wars fans in your house, there is hope yet to turn this Star Wars obsession into an educational experience too (this is coming from the former Kindergarten teacher, remember?). Everything that a child does or plays with can always be turned into an educational experience somehow!

My son became a Star Wars fun at a much younger age than I was ever expecting, but it is so true that parents are a child’s most influential role model! My son hasn’t seen any of the movies, but he is fully into Lego Star Wars and age appropriate play.

Here is a super fun and FREE educational pack for you to check out and download:

Here is a sample of what you will find within this Preschool Pack:

Have fun!
May the Force Be With You and Your Little One!

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11 Responses to Little Star Wars Fans: May the 4th Be With You Tomorrow! {Free #Printables for Preschoolers}

  1. Sny Med says:

    Oh, Star Wars Day is tomorrow! I love the free Star Wars printables that you are showing, especially the character-themed ones!


  2. mamawee says:

    awesome printables! We just received the Angry Birds star wars game to review in time for May the 4th! I grew up a HUGE star wars fan, still love it now!

  3. it’s such a cute day to celebrate star wars. May the fourth! lol clever

  4. lovely downloads and printable thank you for sharing will check it out 🙂

  5. I am not sure how my boys know about star wars never seen the show or movie myself. I would make their day printing these off. Thanks

  6. Nicole says:

    I had completely forgotten that Star Wars day was tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing the preschool pack.

  7. Oh these are awesome! I didn’t even KNOW there was a Star Wars day! I wonder if I can use these for a StarWars themed cake … hhmmmm..

  8. Julia says:

    Very cute! I’ll have to download them for my little fan.

  9. Those printables are adorable! I am going to pass those onto a friend who is Star Wars crazy!

  10. That preschool pack looks adorable! I had no idea about May the 4th until a few years ago. hah!

  11. Aeryn Lynne says:

    LOVE Star Wars Day! 😀 I kinda missed it this year (didn’t get a chance to create postcards for it like I had hoped, ah well.) These printables are all kinds of awesome for the little Jedi in training! XD

    Also I heard a new one for May 5th (that’s not cinco de mayo related, lol,)… ready for it? … Revenge of the 5th (LOL!)

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