Valentine Coupons for Kids

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a romantic celebration. However, in our family, we celebrate it with all people that we love and that includes our children. The kids always love and appreciate fun and creative surprises on Valentine’s Day, so this year, I have created some Valentine Coupons that can printed and given as a gift.

Valentine Coupons

If there is one thing that children love, it is having the ability to regain control. Often, due to rules and routines, children live life feeling like they are struggling to gain control. A simple gift like printable Valentine Coupons can give them the opportunity to gain some control (notice I say SOME) in a situation where they often do not experience much; like bedtime.

There are a few different ways you can give these coupons:

  • create a mini book
  • put each one in their own envelope
  • wrap each one as their own gift
  • create a fun scavenger hunt

These coupons are available, right now for download (to be printed by you) for only $1 (plus applicable taxes). Included in this Valentine Coupons Package is also a blank template that you can use to add your own unique coupons, perhaps even for your partner!

Valentine Coupons
Valentine Coupons

I hope you and your family enjoy Valentine’s Day! I would LOVE to hear how your child reacted to their surprise gift of Valentine Coupons. Please feel free to email me any time!

Oh! And I almost forgot….many people enjoy baking for Valentine’s Day. Are you one of them? Try out our Sugar Cookie recipe and cut them into hearts!

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