A #PottyTraining Update

I am just SO excited right now, I want to share this with the world!

My three year old son, you know – the one who we tried to potty train for a whole month – just went #2 on the potty!

This afternoon out of nowhere, right before nap of all things, he asked to wear underpants. I told him that he could but he had to go pee on the potty first. So he did.

Then when he woke up from nap, he called me saying he had to go pee again. He did it again.

Then about a half an hour later, he said, “Mommy I think I need a diaper”. I scooped him up, rushed to the bathroom and sat him on the potty – I did it just in time where he had no other choice than to go. It’s all about catching them at the exact right moment AND about letting them do this on their own time.

He went! He went #2 and boy was he ever proud and excited!

I did a dance, I sang a song and I gave him a treat. Then I sent a text to my friend @KnitWitShair who feels my potty training pain. I was so excited! I AM so excited!

By no means do I expect this to be an every day occurrence, although one never knows. However, now he has done it once and he knows how easy it is, maybe he will continue.

I am one proud Mommy today!

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