Wet Wednesdays: Trying to Stay Dry at Night with @SuperUndies

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My son is 4 years old. He has been day time potty trained for just over a year now, however, he continues to be VERY wet at night time. This wouldn’t be an issue, as I know that many children take longer to train at night, however, it is affecting his sleep because he wakes up due to leakage and how much wetness he is producing.

This fall, we started changing things up. Because he has always been a heavy wetter at night time, we have had him in a night time diaper along with a waterproof, flannel lined cover for a couple of years. He had outgrown his waterproof covers and we were out of ideas, until we discovered Super Undies, Pull-On Potty Training Pants. These pants have a newly designed “pass through pocket” that runs strategically from the front to the back that allows you to customize your absorption with additional pads, if necessary.

With the use of these pants, my son’s skin has been less irritated, we have had fewer accidents and we are being kinder to the earth.

I love that SuperUndies Night time underpants have fleece covered elastic legs and waist. This makes them less likely to leak than what we were using before AND they are super soft and comfortable on my son’s skin!

My son is a big boy and I am so relieved to finally have found a solution that fits him. In fact, you can purchase SuperUndies to fit up to 14 year olds!

We are constantly trying out new configurations to find a system that consistently works for us. We have been using a different amount of Step-Up Inserts in order to increase absorbency and we have also tried changing his SuperUndies at 11pm before we go to bed. We have found that when we take him to use the washroom before we go to bed, the less likely he is to wake up soaking through to his sheets.


Feel free to visit the Super Undies website for more information about their amazing nighttime underpants as well as other potty training solutions!

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2 Responses to Wet Wednesdays: Trying to Stay Dry at Night with @SuperUndies

  1. el03ro says:

    January 16-Kudos to you for searching out solutions for your son’s nighttime problems. This can add up to more work with laundry, etc. I cannot give you any solution anymore than what you are doing now, but I commend you for your efforts. Hugs. Elva Roberts

  2. Thank-you for sharing. These posts would be a lot of help to my aunt for her lil ones.

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