Wet Wednesdays: Tips for Staying Dry At Night

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We have covered all of the apparel and accessories that Super Undies carry in order to make Nighttime Training go more smoothly in previous Wet Wednesdays posts. Today, we will share some tips and advice for things that you can do to gear up for success at nighttime training.

Limit Liquids
It is important to stay on top of the quantity of liquids your little one is consuming throughout the day. Take note of when they drink the most and start to limit liquid intake after a certain time of day. The best time to start limiting liquids will vary for each child, depending on their bed time as well as their body.

Stay Positive
Your child can sense your stress. If you are worried about your child staying dry at night, they will know this and in turn they will feel stressed. Try to not make a big deal about night time accidents and continue to offer up praise when they have small successes.

Midnight Pee Break
Since taking our son to the washroom every single night when we go to bed (no, it’s not at midnight, but I thought that sounded better), we have often noticed a dramatic difference to how much urine is in his diaper in the morning. Accidents where his bed gets wet are very rare now.

We are talking about layering the bed with sheets and waterproof pads as well as towels in a manner that makes night time bed changes easy and less disruptive. Try using a waterproof pad on top of the fitted sheet because those are the easiest to remove and replace when you (and your child) are sleepy.

Be sure to visit your family doctor if you feel that there is a reason (other than development/maturity) that your child is wetting the bed at night. There are many different natural health remedies that have been known to help with night time bed wetting and bladder issues. You may wish to do some reasearch to come up with a plan that makes you feel comfortable.


Feel free to visit the Super Undies website for more information about their amazing nighttime underpants as well as other potty training accessories to help you get through the night with ease!

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