The Little Looster Potty Stool

This stool was featured during our Potty Training Event this fall.Finally Diaper Free was an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit.

Finally Diaper Free

The Little Looster potty stool is such a great invention!

Potty Training Stool

Little Looster Potty Training Stool makes going on the Potty SO much easier!

I am LOVING our Little Looster potty stool!

I love how it follows the curve our our toilet allowing for comfortable foot position and making it less likely that a child will fall off of the stool.

I love how it has a place on either side of it to put your hands in order to easily remove it from its position around the foot of the toilet.

I love how it has raised plastic on the surface, making it less slippery for excited little feet.

I love how it has grips on the bottom so that its position doesn’t change easily.

The only thing about the Little Looster that has required some getting used to is its size. Both my husband and I have tripped over it numerous times and it is also difficult for an adult to use that toilet. However, it is in the childrens’ bathroom so I have simply stopped using their toilet.

I would definitely recommend anyone who has young children to invest in this potty stool!

The above product was provided free of cost to Multi-Testing Mommy by the manufacturer or a representing PR agency. Opinions expressed belong to Multi-Testing Mommy and are NOT influenced in any way.

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