Wet Wednesdays: Potty Training Accessories for Night Time Training

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Last week, we talked about how Super Undies have helped our night time wetting situation. This week, I would like to share with you some products and tips that can help keep a child’s bed dry at night.

Super Undies sell Mattress Toppers and Waterproof Sheets!

The Mattress Toppers have a built in full layer of microfiber for absorption, a soft Coolmax topside, and it turns inside out for easy washing and fast drying time! I love how it has an open pocket so that you can stuff in added protection if needed. The other wonderful feature of the mattress topper is that it is convenient in that if a child does have a night time accident, there is no need to strip down the entire bed! Simply remove the topper, replace it back to sleep you go.

The Waterproof Fitted Sheets fit snugly to any twin sized mattress and are thin enough that you can layer other fitted sheets on top!

Here is how we make my son’s bed (starting from the bottom most layer to the top):

  • waterproof, fitted mattress cover (not the SuperUndies brand, but we would love to have one!
  • towel (to make the bed more breathable)
  • mattress topper
  • fitted sheet

Since wearing Nighttime Super Undies to bed, my son is rarely having bed wetting accidents (though his super undies are fully saturated in the morning) so we don’t have to have the mattress topper as the top layer.


Feel free to visit the Super Undies website for more information about their amazing nighttime underpants as well as other potty training solutions!

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3 Responses to Wet Wednesdays: Potty Training Accessories for Night Time Training

  1. what mattress covers do you use? I found that the ones I bought rip easily

  2. Kate – I am LOVING the one from Super Undies!!! It is breathable too which makes a HUGE difference – otherwise I find my son gets very sweaty in bed!

  3. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas

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