An Educational Gift Idea for Kids

I’m always on the hunt for a unique and educational gift idea for kids. When I discovered Marmalade books, a unique book subscription, I was intrigued to learn more. Once received, I knew immediately that it would have to be listed on my Gift Ideas page for all parents to learn about. When I received the Middle Grade Box, I immediately thought of my daughter as she absolutely adores reading books! In fact, today on the way to school, we were chatting about her 30 minutes of daily “reading homework”. Her response was, “Mom, really it shouldn’t be called homework … Continue reading

Mess Free Art Idea

Mess free art allows children the space to be creative in a mess free zone – a parent’s dream come true, right? Creativity can take many forms, but often when it comes to children, it is MESSY! Like the protagonist of ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, budding artist Rafe Khatchadorian, would tell you, creative self-expression can take many forms, from a doodle in a note book to a wall covered in Stickies. I can tell you that as a Child Studies major from the University of Guelph, one key learning that continues to stand out in my … Continue reading

Ten Tips To Keep Your Children Reading Over the Summer


While we have hit the month of August, there are still five weeks left of summer to go and PLENTY of time for your child to READ! For some children, reading is a part of their daily routine because they love reading. For others, reading is not a preferred past time and they might require some encouragement or even an incentive or two. This blog post is for that later group in order to help you keep your children reading over the summer. Do you need help figuring out how to keep your children reading over the summer? Set a … Continue reading

What Kind of Lunch Container Option Do You Prefer?

lunch containers

What exactly do I mean about SAFER school lunches? This time, I’m not talking about WHAT we are packing for lunch, but rather the types of lunch container that we are choosing for our children. Back when my children were starting Kindergarten, I searched high and low for the best lunch container option that was: Easy to open. Easy to close. Was spill-proof. Back then (and it wasn’t that many years ago either), I settled on leak-proof plastic containers for all of the above reasons. The only other option that I considered (for a BRIEF moment) was glass, but decided … Continue reading

No More LOST Mitts with Smart Mitts!

Smart Mitts that don't get lost

This Smart Mitts review is written by Liz Brezer. I heard about Smart Mitts through another Mom who bought them for her son. My daughter is 8 and I have to replace her mitts at least twice a year. Since buying Smart Mitts, I am no longer hunting down my daughter’s one missing mitt. The mitts are easy for children to put on all by themselves; the mitts are attached to a flexible band that wraps around the child’s back under their coat. My daughter likes the security of her Smart Mitts being attached so she doesn’t lose them if … Continue reading

Bedwetting Troubles?

Bedwetting Troubles

Does your older child continue to suffer from bedwetting troubles? Did you know that this can be common in children right through to the age of ten, and in some cases beyond. Bedwetting is definitely a “hidden secret” that is more common than we realize and because people keep it secret, many children can end up feeling embarrassed or ashamed. In our home, we try our best to keep the topic of bedwetting low key in order to reduce any feelings of embarrassment. There are a few strategies that you can try in order to reduce the occurance of bedwetting … Continue reading

Finally! A BREATHABLE, Waterproof Option for BedWetting

protect beds

This review of PeapodMats, a solution for quick clean up solution for bedwetting, is written by Tracy Turberfield. Our daughter is 5 years old and has been struggling with bed wetting for over a year. WE have been struggling for a solution that makings cleaning up from bedwetting faster and easier for a long time. I have come to learn just how common bedwetting is for young children and after a visit to our pediatrician, I had to accept that there is no overnight “cure” and it may take a couple more years for her to “grow out of it”. … Continue reading

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Hosts an Inclusive Fitness Program for Youth


As we know, ensuring that children get a proper amount of fitness each day is so important to their health and well-being. Fortunately, Holland Bloorivew Kids rehabilitation Hospital hosts an Inclusive Fitness Program for Youth so that all children have the same opportunity to participate in sports and fitness activities, regardless of their abilities. Igniting Fitness Possibilities Program (IFP) is an inclusive program that is designed to mobilize kids with and without disabilities to engage with and foster a passion for physical activity. This program is an inclusive program that focuses on providing enjoyable physical activity opportunities among inactive youth … Continue reading

Summer Camp in Durham Region

Summer Camp in Durham Region

The summer months are a wonderful break for school-aged children, however they are also a LONG break from their formal education. When considering what camps and activities to register for this summer, I highly recommend you look into some options that are both educational and fun at the same time. Are You Looking for Summer Camp in Durham Region? If you are in Durham Region and your child is going into Grades 1, 2, 3 or 4, do I have a wonderful opportunity for you! Have you heard of French4Tots? They run educational French programs for children all year round. … Continue reading

All He Wants for Christmas is Something GREEN!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Christmas is quickly approaching, and to be honest I was struggling with my youngest this year as all he kept telling me is he wanted something green. There are so many things that are green and I wanted to know exactly what he wanted. Every time he would say, “Mommy something GREEN, you know what I want”. Huge mommy fail as I had no freaking idea…until he saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV and he yells, “Mommy something GREEN!” Are you kidding me, my youngest was asking for something that was HUGE when I was younger and I was … Continue reading