Mattress Protection for All Ages

mattress protection for all ages

I am truly honoured to share my blog space today with my mother-in-law who has a gift for writing, just like her son. I have always said that this blog was a place to introduce Canadian families to new products (as well as recipes, parenting tips and ideas). There have been quite a few products over the years that I’ve discovered through opportunities on Multi-Testing Mommy that have become “must have products” in our home. One of these products is Canadian owned PeapodMats. Not only have these mats become a staple in our home, we also travel with them. When … Continue reading

Bedwetting Troubles?

Bedwetting Troubles

Does your older child continue to suffer from bedwetting troubles? Did you know that this can be common in children right through to the age of ten, and in some cases beyond. Bedwetting is definitely a “hidden secret” that is more common than we realize and because people keep it secret, many children can end up feeling embarrassed or ashamed. In our home, we try our best to keep the topic of bedwetting low key in order to reduce any feelings of embarrassment. There are a few strategies that you can try in order to reduce the occurance of bedwetting … Continue reading