Getting Back into Night Time Routines {Giveaway}

Night Time Routines

This time of year brings all sorts of new routines for families. New wake up times, new activities, new eating schedules and new bedtime routines. This can be a hard adjustment for many children. Night time routines are one of the most important routines to figure out early on in the school year. They are what set children up for good sleep and for feeling well rested throughout the school day in order to maximize their academic and social success. But, sleep and night time routines do not come easily for everyone. Some children are very resistent to sleep and … Continue reading

Camping with Kids ~ Don’t Worry! They Won’t be Bored

Camping with Kids

Having been instructors and teachers on numerous wilderness trips ranging from overnights to 28 days my husband and I would call ourselves professionals, but when you add two kids to the mix, things change…drastically. Two summers ago we embarked on our first family canoe camping trip with a two and four year old: camping with kids. It felt ambitious, and we were only gone for an overnight. The trip was a big success other than that our two year old didn’t sleep much. The weather was beautiful; the kids were entertained by fish nets, portable trucks, Play Doh and markers. … Continue reading

Hot Wheels Giveaway

Hot Wheels Giveaway

If you would like to read more about Shari and her three boys, please feel free to visit her blog, The Knit Wit by Shair. Trying to come up with ways to connect with our kids can sometimes be a challenge. With three boys, I sometimes struggle with finding fun things we can do together, since I played with different types of toys when I was little. With Hot Wheels there are a few ways we are able to play together and connect. As winter is coming, it is easy to do these things inside and stay warm while really … Continue reading

Do You Know if Your Child Has a Vision Problem?

Nexcare Eye Patch

When I was in grade one, my Mom got a call from my teacher who was very concerned for my well being because my eyes were doing some funny things. She was actually concerned that I might have epilepsy. As it turns out, I had a lazy eye and I needed glasses. My eyes weren’t focussing to allow me to see the chalkboard properly. I remember feeling so frustrated, but not knowing that I should communicate my struggles with anyone. I have worn glasses ever since grade one and I cannot live without them. My eye sight in my one … Continue reading

Back to School: A Mom’s Perspective

think before you speak printable

Well…the kids are back at school… The house is quiet again, so on goes the music! Yes, I listen to music all day long. What I listen to depends on my mood. Sometimes it is the same few songs on a loop and other times, I select a huge playlist and am surprised all day long with new songs. Music is a part of me; it is in my soul. I will admit that when the kids are home all summer, this Mama doesn’t get her fill of music and it is hard for me as it is like my … Continue reading

Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten – School Lunches

Back to school lunches

Entering Kindergarten means learning about independence; socially, emotionally and physically. One of the first exposures to independence for a Kindergarten child occurs during snack and lunch time. Children take pride when they go to their backpacks, take out their lunch containers and find a place to sit down and eat (and socialize with their friends). They get excited to see what is inside their school lunches and they feel like a “big kid” when they open up their bag to see what is inside. Parents can help their little ones be prepared for Kindergarten and this new-found independence by ensuring … Continue reading

Teaching Your Preschooler How to Spell Their Name

Teaching Your Preschooler How to Spell Their Name

Once a Kindergarten teacher, always a Kindergarten teacher! Even though I don’t teach children in a school setting anymore, my eyes open up wide and my ears perk up with regards to children and education. Education can come in many forms and what I love best about teaching young children is that you can make games, crafts and fun activities into educational ones so easily! When my friend Tiffany from Naturally Cracked shared her super idea for teaching Your preschooler how to spell their name, I was ALL OVER IT! What a fun way for a young child to have … Continue reading

Adventures with Thomas {Giveaway}


Shari from Knit Wit by Shair shares her adventures with boys and Thomas… I have 3 little boys, and while they all like playing together and being together, they each have different personalities. When going on an adventure, each one has a different idea of what an adventure means to them. My oldest has always felt like an adventure had to be something on a massive scale. Anything short of a very long drive, and going to do very new things is not an adventure in his books. I always have to pull a sense of adventure out of him, … Continue reading

Kids Need the Opportunity to Express Themselves! {Giveaway}


Kids Need the Opportunity to Express Themselves! Giving your children the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of ways is very important to their growth and personal development. Music can play a huge part in how a child feels about themselves and the world around them. My children both love music. We often sit in the family room together, listening to music. We often get up to express ourselves when a specific song strikes us a certain way. It is fun to play, dance and sing when there are no rules involves and we can just be ourselves. Music … Continue reading

Keep your Kids Entertained this Summer

HABA toys and games for kids

There are many different ways to keep your kids entertained this summer. On rainy days, children require many different options and this is where good quality toys can come into play. Alison, a Mom of two shares below her experiences with some of HABA’s newest toy options for babies and children. You can read more about Alison in our About Section. Quality toys that are durable, safe and fun are a top priority in our family. I particularly like HABA products overall because I am fond of wooden toys. There is something old-fashioned about wooden toys and I feel that … Continue reading