7th Generation Gift Pack Giveaway

I’ve recently been introduced to a brand called Seventh Generation, a brand that truly cares about the environment. Since becoming a Mom, I’ve become more and more concerned about the type of products that I use in our home. I use less chemicals and I try to make more environmentally friendly choices when I can. We still have a little guy who wears diapers in our family (something that we’re working on, but it’s a slow process). This is why I’m excited to have the opportunity in the near future to try out Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Diapers. Free … Continue reading

OxiClean® MaxForce® Gel Stick Pre-Treater (REVIEW)

“OxiClean® MaxForce® Gel Stick is an ultra concentrated gel pre-treater that gets the toughest stains out the first time – without damaging fabrics. The gel formula is packed with stain fighters that are rubbed in with a unique, smooth stain grabbing nub applicator top to gently and effectively break down stains.” Benefits: The OxiClean® MaxForce® gel formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that break down more of the toughest stains including grass and blood, soil and clay, food stains, grease and oil One-hand pump dispensing for easy application Thick, concentrated gel clings to stain for maximum stain- removing … Continue reading

REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Containers

What organizer doesn’t love Rubbermaid? Rubbermaid is like my best friend! I have Rubbermaid all over my house – from laundry baskets to large item storage bins to plastic food storage and now glass food storage containers! The new Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Containers have a unique Easy Find Lids system that make it really easy to store the containers neatly in your cupboards. The lids snap to the bottom of the container and to each other to make finding the right lid quick and easy! No more missing lids running wild in my cupboards – yay! I really like … Continue reading

REVIEW: OXI CLEAN Max Force Power Paks

I’ve been using Earth’s Berries to wash our laundry for quite a few months now. I absolutely LOVE Earth’s Berries, but I have found that sometimes my laundry needs an extra “boost” when it is extra soiled. That is where OxiClean® comes in! I had been using the regular OxiClean® powder, but when I heard that it came in Power Paks, I was very keen to try them out, but also curious how they work! The Deets The OxiClean® MaxForce® formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that deeply penetrate fabrics and break down more types of stubborn dried-in … Continue reading

Norwex Cleaning: Improving the Quality of Life


I would like to introduce to you another cleaning without chemicals alternative for you called Norwex! The Norwex Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. Now, you do have to have an open mind and some trust, but after talking with Mandy at length about the Norwex products and after using them, I do have confidence in how well they work! I received an Earth Day Cleaning Package that included: 1 envirocloth 1 polishing cloth 1 dusting mitt And let me tell you, these aren’t just any cloths … Continue reading

(closed) REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: GlassDharma Glass Drinking Straws

Congratulations to Commenter #68 Rae T.! In our house, we consume drinks that require straws on a daily basis. Not so much the adults in the house, but definitely the children! I really didn’t like the fact that we were going through SO many disposable straws. I try to be as environmentally conscious whenever I can! I had seen Glass Dharma straws pop up here and there all over the internet recently and I was extremely happy to be able to give them a try in our family! We received a variety of shapes and sizes to try out and … Continue reading

(closed) BOOK REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Clutter Rehab by Laura Wittmann (orgjunkie.com)

Congratulations to #91 Amy C, #85 Tabitha Pye, #29 CJ and #50 Tinatchick! With Spring here, are you feeling the itch to get organized, to clean and to purge like I am? The book Clutter Rehab by Laura Wittmann (orgjunkie.com) has helped me get started! I have been a HUGE fan of Laura Wittman for quite a few years now. She has inspired me to start and complete many different organizing projects in my house since my daughter has been born! She writes and an amazing blog, orgjunkie.com and she has now decided to write a book which I just … Continue reading

(closed) REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Crane Children’s Humidifier

Congratulations to Commenter #145, OrangeHeroMama! Crane Animal Humidifiers are the PERFECT humidifier to have when you have young children! When your children get sick with a cold, a humidifier can really help them be more comfortable at night! As well, during the cold, dry winter months, a humidifier can help keep your house less dry, which in turn keeps your child’s nasal passage less dry and your child’s skin less dry and irritated. The Crane Animal Humidifiers are simply adorable! They come in a variety of designs, each one is adorable in its own way. They are VERY quiet compared … Continue reading

#Soapnuts: An Earth Friendly Laundry Alternative!

I wrote a review of soap nuts a little while ago about how much I really like them! Every time I use them, I am more and more convinced! I just received a new video in my inbox that educates us even more about Earth’s Berries, the particular brand of soap nuts that I reviewed! If you are interested in learning more about them, this is an interesting video to watch! Thanks again to Drool Boutique for providing us with a bag of Earth’s Berries to try! Products for review are provided free of cost to Multi-Testing Mommy by the … Continue reading

REVIEW: Soap Nuts

I had been seeing #soapnuts pop up all over Twitter recently so I was very excited to try them out! Drool Boutique was kind enough to send me a bag of #soapnuts to try out and I very glad that they did! At first, I was a bit skeptical! How could a tiny “berry”, “nut”, round shell that grows on a tree, clean my laundry? After all, when you open up the bag, they do have a slight unique smell and who wants their laundry smelling like that? BUT WAIT! because it doesn’t! SERIOUSLY! It really doesn’t. Honest, I don’t … Continue reading