REVIEW: OXI CLEAN Max Force Power Paks

I’ve been using Earth’s Berries to wash our laundry for quite a few months now. I absolutely LOVE Earth’s Berries, but I have found that sometimes my laundry needs an extra “boost” when it is extra soiled. That is where OxiClean® comes in!

I had been using the regular OxiClean® powder, but when I heard that it came in Power Paks, I was very keen to try them out, but also curious how they work!

The Deets

  • The OxiClean® MaxForce® formula contains a unique combination of stain fighters that deeply penetrate fabrics and break down more types of stubborn dried-in stains including food and drink, grease and oil, soil and clay and grass and blood
  • Individual Power Paks offer no mess convenience with the right amount of pre-measured stain fighting power
  • Power Paks are water soluble and will quickly dissolve on contact with water
  • Power Paks are safe to use in both regular and High Efficiency washing machines

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I will admit that I was slightly skeptical that these paks were going to dissolve in any temperature of water, so I decided to do a little “test”. I am Multi-Testing Mommy, after all. I put a pak into a cup of cold water and immediately it started to fizzle. I was impressed. After it finished “fizzing”, there the “skin” of the pak was still in the bottom of the cup, but with a couple of stirs with a spoon, it completely dissolved. And this was in cold water too! I was sold.

Of Note
The regular Oxi Powder had little to no scent to it at all, however these new paks leave my laundry with a rather strong scent to it. It wasn’t an offensive scent, by any means. However, I was slightly surprised with how strong it lingered on our clothes.

The Positive
These Paks were super duper convenient to use! Open package, take out on pak, toss in the laundry machine. Done.

I like OxiClean® and will continue to use it to get the tough stains out!

Multi-Testing Mommy is a member of the OxiClean® Stain Busting Advisory Board. As a member, Multi-Testing Mommy will receive various OxiClean® to test out and review. Opinions expressed belong to Multi-Testing Mommy and are NOT influenced in any way.

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    I bought a ton of these when they were free after coupons a while back! Following you from blogaholic, you can find me at

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