Lunchbox Love

Growing up, my Mom always used to leave me notes. Fun notes and reminder notes EVERYWHERE I looked! My husband actually made fun of me (and my Mom) for the notes when he first met me. He mocked my Mom by leaving ridiculous notes around the house when she was away at the cottage (like don’t forget to dry your hands after you wash them). Now, our family writes notes just like my Mom did when I was growing up. Except, our notes are the fun and loving kind! My husband has left my daughter notes from the time she … Continue reading

REVIEW: Dream Baby Cable Lock and No Tools-No Screws Safety Kit

When I was offered some Dream Baby Safety Supplies for the house, I realized that it couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Little Man isn’t quite walking, but he is crawling, climbing and getting into absolutlely everything imaginable! I received a Cable Lock and a Household Safety Kit in exchange for a review. Although my son isn’t at the age where we need a combination lock on something, my daughter certainly is. This product is great for keeping things like medications locked up from curious children! I love how it is adjustable too, it makes it even … Continue reading

REVIEW: Paci Plushies

If only I had known about Paci Plushies when my son was a wee infant! I can’t tell you the number of times we lost a pacifier in the car, under the crib or behind the change table. If we had had a Paci Plushie, we wouldn’t have lost the pacifiers. I honestly think that these little animals that hold a pacifier are the best invention ever! Long gone are the days where you are searching and searching in the dark for a tiny, little pacifier! The animal allows you to keep track of your baby’s pacifier with ease and … Continue reading

ABC Gauze

Recently I received a sample of this amazing product called ABC Gauze. I’ve had it for about a month now and luckily haven’t had an opportunity to use it, but trust me…I’m not complaining about that. I want to tell you about this awesome product, however! I have packed on in my car and one in my first aid bin. Putting one in my diaper bag might not be such a bag idea either, come to think of it! Basically, this is a gauze that is applied to a bleeding wound and immediately after application, it turns into a clear … Continue reading

Santa Cruz Organics

I have been trying to purchase organic food when it is feasible (due to availability, price and the Dirty Dozen). I was super excited when I received my Santa Cruz Organics products to try out. We were given peanut butter, fruit sauces, chocolate sauce, juice, sodas and juice boxes to test out and most of them have been a huge hit in our house. By far, the biggest hit were the juice boxes. They were the perfect size because I don’t like giving my kids too much juice each day! They also had cute Berenstein Bear characters on them. They … Continue reading

REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Bee-Tees Character Building Tee Shirts (contest closed)

Note: If you are looking for the contest, please scroll down to the bottom of this post. I just love adorable clothing for children! When I was approached to review Bees Tees shirts, I was so excited! Not only are these shirts adorable, but they encourage positive character building, which is something that is so important! When my daughter wore her “Bee Kind” t-shirt the other day, she reminded herself throughout the day that she had to be kind to others, something that we have been working on (especially at home with Mommy). What a great way to be reminded … Continue reading

Review: Skincare for MEN by Monica Olsen

My hubby is a very simple man. When I was offered the Travel Kit for Men by Monica Olsen’s SKIN line, I wasn’t sure what he would say to trying it out. After realizing that this is the same line that I have fallen in love with using, he was game to give it a shot! We are both glad that he agreed. One thing that I, personally, was impressed with was the fact that their men’s line didn’t have a super strong scent. Many men don’t like to use many skin care products due to their feminine smell. … Continue reading

REVIEW: My Little Seat

When I came across My Little Seat, I was pretty excited to try it out. I constantly have a booster chair in my car, I don’t like trekking it around everywhere and restaurant high chairs are often so gross (even though we do have one of those great covers). When I received my sample to try out, I just couldn’t wait. I set it up on our kitchen chair, but unfortunately our kitchen chairs have a fairly high back and the “My Little Seat” didn’t work on our chairs. I was bummed. However, despite the fact that it doesn’t work … Continue reading

Product Review: Grill Daddy Pro

I remember one year for Mother’s Day, we got my Mom a bbq brush. At the time, somehow, my Dad had convinced us that this is what my Mom would want and we were genuinely excited to give it to her. You can imagine the confusion we felt when she opened it, started to cry and stormed up to her room for the rest of the day. Men! My Dad was always and continues to be a brutal shopper for gifts for my Mom. He still needs reminders of special dates too. My hubby is somewhat obsessed with bbq brushes. … Continue reading

Review: Nurture Pure Glass Baby Bottles

Recently, I have had the chance to review a Nurture Pure glass baby bottle. I have to say that using glass baby bottles does make me feel confident that we are providing my son with a safe material to drink from. There are plenty of bottles out there that are deemed safe and are plastic, but glass is glass. There are no questions about what is in it. The Nuture Pure bottles are specifically made with safety in mind. They are non-toxic and free from chemicals such as Bisphenol A, phthalate and dangerous plastics such as Polycarbonate and PVC. The … Continue reading