Review: Nurture Pure Glass Baby Bottles

Recently, I have had the chance to review a Nurture Pure glass baby bottle.

I have to say that using glass baby bottles does make me feel confident that we are providing my son with a safe material to drink from. There are plenty of bottles out there that are deemed safe and are plastic, but glass is glass. There are no questions about what is in it.

The Nuture Pure bottles are specifically made with safety in mind. They are non-toxic and free from chemicals such as Bisphenol A, phthalate and dangerous plastics such as Polycarbonate and PVC. The nipple ring, storage lid and bottle cap are completely paint and dye free! All bottles come with food-grade silicone nipples that are latex-free, allergen-free and free of nitrosamines.

I have to say that if my son didn’t spit up all of his milk after drinking from glass bottles, these would definitely be the bottle of choice in our household! The effort that this company has gone to to ensure that every detail of safety has been addressed is very reassuring to me.

I would like to note that Nurture Pure nipples are made with a Pure Flo system that is designed to prevent nipple collapse and therefore decrease the amount of air ingested during a feed. Unfortunately, this didn’t help my son, but he does have gas issues.

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One Response to Review: Nurture Pure Glass Baby Bottles

  1. Annie1 says:

    These bottles look fantastic and I love that they are made of glass!

    Anne Taylor

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