Review: Skincare for MEN by Monica Olsen

My hubby is a very simple man.

When I was offered the Travel Kit for Men by Monica Olsen’s SKIN line, I wasn’t sure what he would say to trying it out.

After realizing that this is the same line that I have fallen in love with using, he was game to give it a shot!

We are both glad that he agreed.

One thing that I, personally, was impressed with was the fact that their men’s line didn’t have a super strong scent. Many men don’t like to use many skin care products due to their feminine smell. The ironic thing was that my hubby commented that he would have preferred at least some scent.

The shampoo has been tried out by both of us and we both quite like it. The travel size comes in a really convenient pump style bottle too. The shampoo itself lathers well and leaves your hair feeling nice and clean.

The conditioner also comes in a cute pump style bottle (so perfect for traveling) and left my hubby’s goatee feeling nice and soft–geez, why did it work so well? I thought I had almost convinced him to get rid of the goatee 😉

The shaving cream didn’t lather as much as my hubby is used to, but he said that it did its job as he didn’t nick himself.

The After Shave spray is made without alcohol and contains aloe vera to help with redness and irritation after shaving. My hubby said that he didn’t really notice that it did anything, but then again, he also didn’t complain about razor bumps.

The antiperspirant was my favourite part of the package. The fact that it is aluminum free and it works as an antiperspirant and a deodorant is just simply INCREDIBLE! I’ve been searching the earth for such a product for a very long time now and am very excited to have finally found one. Both my husband and I found this worked quite well. Admittedly I first used it on a really hot day and I did perspire a bit, but then again, I’m a sweaty gal and not even the regular antiperspirants keep me dry all day long.

My hubby’s favourite product was the night/day face cream. It got rid of the dry patches on his skin without feeling greasy or having a feminine scent (I’m constantly trying to apply my face cream to his dry patches).

The body lotion is a great product for men who have dry skin, being an all natural product and it works well.

So, overall, for a man who really prefers not much scent, this product line is just perfect for him! The products work well and are good for your body. You just can’t go wrong.

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2 Responses to Review: Skincare for MEN by Monica Olsen

  1. DARLENE W says:

    My hubby also has an aversion to strong smelling products

  2. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    It sounds like this is an amazing line of men’s products. My husband hates anything with to strong a scent and their antiperspirant sounds awesome

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