REVIEW: Dream Baby Cable Lock and No Tools-No Screws Safety Kit

When I was offered some Dream Baby Safety Supplies for the house, I realized that it couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Little Man isn’t quite walking, but he is crawling, climbing and getting into absolutlely everything imaginable!

I received a Cable Lock and a Household Safety Kit in exchange for a review.

Although my son isn’t at the age where we need a combination lock on something, my daughter certainly is. This product is great for keeping things like medications locked up from curious children! I love how it is adjustable too, it makes it even that much more versatile.

To be absolutely honest, the Household Safety Kit hasn’t been much use to us yet5/7. I was going to use one of the multi-purpose latches on one of our small, free standing cabinets, but we ended up needing to block that whole area off with a gate instead (he’s just too sneaky and into everything). I did like the idea that the latches are flexible and they come in two sizes. The adhesives allow for such a simple and quick installation!

One thing I’ve learned as a Mom is that one can never have too many outlet plugs! I’ve had to use them in our house, my inlaws house, my parents’ house and the cottage. That’s a lot of outlets to cover, so the fact that some came in the household safety kit was great, they are a must!

I take a different approach on some aspects of household safety than some do. Because I am home with the kids all day long, I am very aware of what they get into and what they don’t. I keep a VERY close eye on them at all times. Please don’t take this the wrong way, of course I am going to keep things like poisons and medications up high and/or locked up no matter what, however, I’m not the type to go and put cabinet locks on every single kitchen cabinet. So, truthfully, we haven’t had a need for all of this kit quite yet, however I do see a need coming very soon.

I want to mention as well that I am a true believer in educating children about what is safe and unsafe and the reasons. My daughter and I have had numerous discussions about poisons, what they look like and what they are used for. I have explained to her what they can do to us if we use them the wrong way. When I use a poison and my daughter sees me, I show her what it looks like and I talk to her about why it is dangerous and why it is only for adults (and that even adults must take precautions). We talk often about medications (even vitamins) and how dangerous it is to share them. We have discussed the importance of following directions on a bottle and what can happen to your body if you take too much. I hope that by education our children like this, we will help them to not only understand that poison and medication is off limits to children, but WHY they are.

The foam door stopper is a must in our house to prevent those little fingers from getting caught in a door, especially when we have our front door open to get a little bit of air circulation. They are great because they are high out of the baby’s reach yet they don’t have to be installed and they serve their purpose.

I plan on using the appliance latch on our fridge because even though my daughter didn’t manage to open our fridge until she was over 3, my son loves his food and has already tried (he’s just not quite strong enough).

So although I despise Safety Gadgets, they definitely are a necessity. I am learning that this is the case much more so with son than with my daughter. Dream Baby has many options for Household Safety and children, be sure to check them out!

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  1. DARLENE W says:

    Great gadget and the children wont ever be able to figure out the combination

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