REVIEW: My Little Seat

When I came across My Little Seat, I was pretty excited to try it out. I constantly have a booster chair in my car, I don’t like trekking it around everywhere and restaurant high chairs are often so gross (even though we do have one of those great covers).

When I received my sample to try out, I just couldn’t wait. I set it up on our kitchen chair, but unfortunately our kitchen chairs have a fairly high back and the “My Little Seat” didn’t work on our chairs. I was bummed.

However, despite the fact that it doesn’t work at home, it has worked everywhere else I have tried it. It appears we just have really high back chairs compared to every one else.

The convenience of this product is the best selling point, in my opinion. It rolls up and fits into it’s own little carrying case that fits inside my diaper bag. It is also fully washable so when you have put it on a chair that you didn’t feel too good about or if your little one made a mess, you simply bring the little seat home and wash it in the washing machine! And it does wash easily and hangs to dry quickly.

Of course, it isn’t a booster seat, so younger babies won’t be raised enough to sit “at” the table. This hasn’t seemed to be a problem for my son, as of yet.

It is very secure and safe, but I would never leave my baby unattended in it, not even for a quick second.

The seat is very easy to assemble and use and it is available in several designer patterns!

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