Santa Cruz Organics

I have been trying to purchase organic food when it is feasible (due to availability, price and the Dirty Dozen).

I was super excited when I received my Santa Cruz Organics products to try out. We were given peanut butter, fruit sauces, chocolate sauce, juice, sodas and juice boxes to test out and most of them have been a huge hit in our house.

By far, the biggest hit were the juice boxes. They were the perfect size because I don’t like giving my kids too much juice each day! They also had cute Berenstein Bear characters on them. They are healthy and a perfect addition to any snack.

What I liked best about Santa Cruz as a company is that they truly are committed to our environment. They focus on renewable energy when making their products. All of their products are also fully certified organic.

I feel so much better giving my children Santa Cruz organic fruit sauces and juice and will definitely keep my eyes open for their products in our local grocery stores in the future.

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