Bounty Monster Mess

With Halloween looming just around the corner, all of us parents know that there are many messes coming our way whether it be the pumpkin carving, the crafts, the baking or even the Halloween makeup! We are always in need of help with tidying up and although I’m a big believer in good old cloths and water, sometimes some one time use items are a HUGE help and a necessity!!!Bounty paper towels are the only paper towels that we use in our house–this is the honest truth. We buy them in bulk at Costco. We have tried other brands before, … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: Baby Baby Baby! by Marilyn Janovitz

I just recently had the opportunity to review a fabulous board book called “Baby Baby Baby! by Marilyn Janovitz. This book has wonderfully flowing and rhyming text. We read the book over a few times in a row when we first received it because it had such flow to it and by the end, both of my kids (2 and 5) were chiming in excitedly! The illustrations are very sweet and adorable, including various members of the family. I like this because the book is about people that baby should recognize in their family. The book helps with bedtime routine … Continue reading

REVIEW: Santa Cruz Organics

I was lucky enough to be contacted by someone representing Santa Cruz Organics again this year offering me samples of the four new flavours of Fruit Spreads and two new flavours of Fruit Sauces available. We were offered to sample the Peanut Butter, but I did turn it down as my family has been spoiled by the more “artificially” flavoured peanut butters out there and therefore the pure, no added sugars and no artificial ingredients in the Santa Cruz Organics peanut butters aren’t an option for us. Anyhow, let me tell you how much of a hit the Fruit Sauces … Continue reading

Product Review: Burts Bees Sunscreen

With the kids going back to school in another week, we can’t forget about re-stocking our sunscreen products. I don’t know about your children, but my daughter heads out for lunchtime recess for approximately 40 minutes every school day right at prime sun time. During September and the spring months, I lather her with sunscreen before I send her off to school. I continue to sample various sunscreens in search for the perfect one for our family. One of the latest natural ones that we tried out this summer was Burt’s Bee’s Sunscreen that comes in both 15 and 30 … Continue reading

REVIEW: Silk Soy Beverage

A little while back I tried out a container of Silk Chocolate Soy Beverage and I am happy to report that I was very pleasantly surprised. I have tried soy beverages in the past and have honestly not been a huge fan, so naturally I was a tad reluctant. I’m not sure I would choose this as a drink of choice, however, I was also introduced to the variety of options as far as recipes go with this chocolate beverage go. I made quite possibly the best chocolate pudding I’ve ever tasted with this soy beverage. I’ve tried making chocolate … Continue reading

REVIEW: Radius Intelligent Toothbrush

Many times while walking down the “natural food isle”, the Radius Toothbrush has caught my eye due to its unique look. I had always wondered what it was all about and recently I was lucky enough to receive to try out for myself. Not only did I get a Radius, but I got an “Intelligent” one, a toothbrush that has a built in 2 minute timer that beeps once every 30 seconds for two minutes so that you can brush your teeth for the proper amount of time! The toothbrush is made with replaceable heads so there is considerably less … Continue reading

INFORMATION: is a great site that offers friends and family members who are split apart by distance to share something together, a love of reading, something that can connect anyone! If you have friends and family far away and you have a computer, preferably with a webcam enabled, you should check out what has to offer! They have a variety of popular childrens’ story books online that you can read together with your loved ones. Products for review are provided free of cost to Multi-Testing Mommy by the manufacturer or a representing PR agency. Opinions expressed belong to Multi-Testing … Continue reading

Product Review: 191 Unlimited Clothing for Boys and Men

191 Unlimited has a very inspiring start up story! It all began with two good friends, recent college grads who started with $191 at a casino and turned it into enough money launch their first 191 Collection! The founders, Parth and Girish have 4 main principles they follow with each of their creations, that they have: 1) Awesome Fit2) Extreme Comfort3) Innovative Detailing 4) Affordability From the sample that we received and by looking at the website, I completely agree with the first three principles. Maybe I’m cheap, but $54 for a boy’s shirt seems a bit steep? The shirt … Continue reading

Born Free Baby Feeding Products

Don’t forget to click on over to my Price Pfister Faucet Giveaway and my Burts Bees Giveaway! When my almost 5 year old daughter was a baby, BPA wasn’t a topic that we knew about. It makes me sick to my stomach now to think about the harmful chemicals she must have been exposed to and what they have done to her body. I remember when we first found out about BPA in baby bottles, my Mom tried to make me feel better by reminding me that back when she was pregnant with me, they didn’t know that smoking was … Continue reading

REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Burt’s Bees

Note: This giveaway is now closed. Please read on to read the review. Burt’s Bees products are free of petrochemicals, Phthalates, Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Yet another amazing company who is getting with the program and making products that are actually good for our bodies and don’t hurt the earth as much in the process. Recently, I received a bunch of Burt’s Bee’s Products for review. I have been using the products over the past month and here are my thoughts… Radiance Healthy Glow Kit Mini Exfoliating Body Bar – I didn’t find that this bar exfoliated at all, … Continue reading