Baby Sleep Solution: The @ZipadeeZip

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom! From day one, which was 4 months ago (September 6th to be exact), our daughter HAD to be swaddled in order for her to have a sound sleep. We started with the hospital blanket, moved to the swaddle sacs (basically swaddling done for you with Velcro – less wrestling with technique), then finally graduated to large hand-made flannel blankets when our LO grew out of the others (she’s 16.5 lbs now). Eventually, she began to break out of the swaddle which disrupted her sleep not to mention ours! One morning … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Trying to Stay Dry at Night with @SuperUndies

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here:Finally Diaper Free Post #1Finally Diaper Free Post #2Finally Diaper Free Post #3Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!Potty Training UpdateFinally Diaper Free RoundUp My son is 4 years old. He has been day time potty trained for just over a year now, however, he continues to be VERY wet at night time. This wouldn’t be an issue, as I know that many children take longer to train at night, however, it is affecting his sleep because he wakes up due to leakage and how much wetness he is producing. This fall, … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Nighttime Potty Training

Do you have a nighttime bedwetter? Are you spending a ton of money on disposable night time diapers? Possibly, you are in the same situation as we were where the nighttime diapers that you are using aren’t working! We have some solutions to share with you. We will be sharing some Wet Wednesdays posts with you over the next few weeks. Wet Wednesdays will share tips for helping your nighttime bedwetter as well as ideas to make your current situation easier for you! We would love to hear your suggestions and solutions to nighttime bedwetting too, so please let us … Continue reading

Keep Your Fingers Warmer with Touch Screen Friendly @GliderGloves {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

Have you heard of Glider Gloves?Glider Gloves are one of the first Canadian suppliers of conductive gloves for retail and wholesale distribution. The gloves are made from Nylon, Acrylic, Spandex, and Copper based conductive yarns. These yarns are woven throughout the gloves in order to make the entire glove conductive, not just the finger tips. This is something that I love! No longer do I need to have quite as much precision when going on my phone in the cold! The primary reason why I wanted to have a pair of “texting gloves” was for when I am waiting at … Continue reading

Stay Warm with @MarksWW This Winter! {G!VEAWAY}

Last week, we shared a post with you regarding how easy it is to shop with Mark’s online! I’ve been hearing more and more how people are heading to their computers to do their shopping and I think it’s rather brilliant in many ways! Avoid the line ups, avoid the crowds, I’m all over that! And, if you order by today December 17th, you will be sure to have your selections arrive on your doorstep just in time for Christmas! Mark’s has a beautiful, stylish (and warm) selection of sweaters this winter season. From casual to dressy, Mark’s has it … Continue reading

Shopping @MarksWW Made Easy!

Shopping online at Marks Work Wearhouse has gotten even easier! I have to say, this year, I have done quite a bit of my Christmas shopping online and I’m loving it! Marks has a new shopping website and if you place your order before December 17th, it will arrive on your doorstep just in time for Christmas! You can even make shopping easier for your friends and family by creating your own Marks Wish List! How helpful is that?! Take out all of the guess work for your man and make an online wish list to tell him exactly what … Continue reading

No More Wet Beds Thanks to @SuperUndies #PottyTraining

We have been having some night time bed wetting issues in our house. Up until the discovery of Super Undies, my son was leaking through his regular diaper as well as his “protective rubber, flannel lined” underpants. Let me clarify….there are times when he wakes up and he is so soaked through all of his layers that his entire bed is soaked through as well. We had tried every brand of night time pull up type diaper option out there and none of them were effective for our night time issues. Enter: Super Undies Super Undies have truly changed our … Continue reading

@TramFootwear for Kids ~ Warm, Waterproof Boots {REV!EW} and {G!VEAWAY}

With the weather not sure what it is going to do from day to day, Tram Boots have definitely come in handy this Fall! Between their rugged, waterproof construction and their warm insides, Tram Boots have kept my kids’ feet warm and dry when they go to school and play outside. These boots are considered to be 3-season boots and I understand why! They can be worn any time of year during the rain and they serve as excellent winter boots because they are 100% waterproof and are rated to -30°C weather. My kids have splashed through huge puddles and … Continue reading

The @NakedTank is One of THE BEST Nursing Tanks Around!

A little while ago, we reviewed The Naked Tank. I gave The Naked Tank to someone dear to me who has just had a baby and within one week of wearing it, she asked me where she could get more! This new Mom has had a bit of a rough start to parenthood and really was in need of some clothing items that were super comfortable. The Naked Tank fit the bill! Every day that I saw her, she would comment on how soft and cozy the material was. She also mentioned that while she needed to let herself “air … Continue reading

This Week @SweetPeaDeals ~ $15 for Pair of Shoes from Little Squeaky Feet!

IT’S DEAL TIME! Deal Highlights: Your little ones are about the take their first steps, so let’s get them ready for their journey! These adorable leather, canvas, and sandal shoes will help your little one goes from all fours to two feet! Not only are these shoes a must-have for growing babies, but they also squeak to help you keep track of the little tykes. The squeaker can be removed if it’s too much, but other Moms swear by it! Fine Print: Limit 1 voucher per person. Sizes 3 to 7 available. Limited quantities available. Does not include taxes or … Continue reading