No More Wet Beds Thanks to @SuperUndies #PottyTraining

We have been having some night time bed wetting issues in our house. Up until the discovery of Super Undies, my son was leaking through his regular diaper as well as his “protective rubber, flannel lined” underpants. Let me clarify….there are times when he wakes up and he is so soaked through all of his layers that his entire bed is soaked through as well.

We had tried every brand of night time pull up type diaper option out there and none of them were effective for our night time issues.

Enter: Super Undies

Super Undies have truly changed our lives! I’m not kidding!

Not only are they much more comfortable on my son’s sensitive skin (they leave no red marks on the leg or waist bands), but they also are fully leak proof! This says a lot!

While these night time underpants are rather bulky, they are actually MORE comfortable for my son than what we were doing before!

And, the best part is….


Check out this video that describes the Anatomy of a Night Time Diaper:

I have many favourite features of these Night Time Underpants, however, one of my favourite ones is that you can always add extra pads in the front pocket for extra absorption!

Ok, ok my other TOP favourite feature is the fleece covered waist and leg bands! This makes the underpants so comfortable as well as having an added bonus of being leak proof!

My son is 4. He is in the 90th%ile+ for his height and weight. He is wearing a size XL. I am so excited that finally, I have found a “diaper” or “night time underpants” that fits him comfortably! This XL size will grow with him for a few years, I’m sure of it!

Super Undies have many Potty Training Accessories available on their website too that would prove very useful for children (and parents) who are in the process of learning how to use the potty.

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2 Responses to No More Wet Beds Thanks to @SuperUndies #PottyTraining

  1. elizamatt says:

    I do hope that these keep working so well for you. There’s nothing worse than having to change a child and a bed in the middle of the night.

  2. kathy downey says:

    Those super indies look real nice,tha
    nks !

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