(closed ) REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Girl Gotch – comfy underwear for girls

Congratulations to Commenter #35, leanne_mac! My daughter has sensitive skin and therefore, we have had issues with the elastic waistbands and legs on underwear ever since she has been toilet trained! Enter: Girl Gotch! This is THE BEST UNDERWEAR that we have tried. Seriously! It’s the BEST!!! The waistbands and binding around the legs feature a one inch covered elastic that nice and thick as well as non-irritating! They are the first pair of underwear that have not left red marks on my daughter’s skin! I’m not sure why all girl’s underwear isn’t made this way? WE LOVE THESE UNDERWEAR! … Continue reading

REVIEW: Kushyfoot Tights and Flats to Go!

I went to see Billy Elliot on the weekend (AMAZING show, btw!) and I was gone all day long! I wore my Rib Tights by Kushyfoot. These tights are made with a 3-dimensional massaging sole that massages your feet with every step and that they do–literally! They have little ribs under your feet that provide additional comfort under your feet, especially when you are wearing flats that really don’t provide you with any padding at all! I didn’t wear any shoes on my feet before I left my house (and I usually do because we have hardwood floors) and my … Continue reading