Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids by Dustin Maher {REVIEW and GIVEAWAY}

A mother’s body goes through so many changes after being pregnant, possibly nursing and experiencing the hormonal roller coaster. Many women struggle with their new bodies after giving birth to a baby. For some women it takes days, for some women it takes weeks or months, for some women it takes years and for some women, their bodies never feel the same again.

Getting healthy, truly healthy plays a huge part in feeling like yourself again after becoming a Mom.

Fit Moms for Life is a “getting healthy” tool!

Fit Moms For Life

Fit Moms for Life is a book written by Dustin Maher specifically for Moms to get fit and healthy and to stay that way for the rest of their lives.

This book is a fast read (perfect for Moms) and filled with amazing tips for how to get healthy (or healthier).

I love how Fit Moms for Life features real Moms! It features a variety of Moms of different shapes and sizes and shows their before and after photos along with information about their life and how they achieved their transformation to healthy living.

This book shares nutrition tips, exercise tips and much more in order to help you achieve your healthy living goals. There is even a section called Documenting Your Journey that has reproducible pages including a 10 year plan, Positive Affirmations, Goals, Body Measurements and more.

My favourite chapter was the Food as Fuel chapter that shares all kinds of healthy eating tips like what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and what to avoid. On my Getting Healthy Challenge that I have been on since January, food (as well as lack of motivation to exercise) has been a huge challenge for me. This book provided me with some excellent healthy eating choices and tips.

To get a sense of the book, you can sign up your name and email address here in order to receive a free chapter. It will be such a worthwhile read and I can almost guarantee you that you will want to buy the book!

To meet Dustin Maher and to hear him speak about his book, feel free to watch this YouTube video:

My friend over at Knit Wit by Shair is also giving away a copy of the book, head on over there to enter for double the chances to win!
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8 Responses to Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids by Dustin Maher {REVIEW and GIVEAWAY}

  1. Leslie says:

    I don’t understand how a man can write a book on woman’s fitness let alone fitness for women who have given birth? Is is genuine? How does he incorporate a mother’s true feelings other than in case studies? Does he have children? Has his wife gone through these issues? I am just curious what would motivate a young man to write about fitness for mothers

  2. Guppy says:

    @Leslie – what I heard in the beginning of the video was that it was his own Mother that motivated him to write this. She put everyone/thing before her own health.

  3. I love this book! It has really helped me, not to mention the newsletter’s Dustin sends every once in a while to keep everyone encouraged and to keep us going!

  4. I love this holistic, lifelong idea opposed to a fad diet idea. Great that it’s a short read too because that’s another thing we moms need, more time!

  5. SamiJoe says:

    Fitness really does have to be a lifestyle change. FAD stuff is only temporary.

    Seems interesting nonetheless.

  6. Katrina Brady says:

    I agree with SamiJoe. It is all about an entire lifestyle change. It’s true though that motivation is really a key in all things. Especially health! We all tend to wait until we see something happen to someone else before looking at our own situation.

  7. I’ve had the opportunity to review Dustin’s book as well and I found it to be an extremely worthwhile read, and Dustin really knows what he’s talking about.

    @Leslie – regarding why Dustin was motivated to work with moms (and indeed, he is single and without children) – three reasons: 1) He’s extremely close with his own mom 2) He finds it gratifying because moms are so appreciative of having time dedicated to themselves, and so proud of results and 3) He’s positively influencing the next generation when he works with moms! Three convincing reasons, IMO. 🙂

  8. el03ro says:

    October 17-‘Fit Moms for Life’ is much for movitating once you watch the video by its author, Dustin Mahar.
    The photos are very excellent ways to motivate you to read the book and get exercising and watching what you eat.
    I think all Moms tend to spend less time on themselves unless they really set aside a time to do so. They need to do so for their own health and well-being.Elva Roberts

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