Open it With a Smile This Mother’s Day ~no matter WHAT it is!

I recently read this Guest post from Tales of Mommyhood over at One Sleepy Mom about appreciating our Mother’s Day Gifts.

When a child makes a card or creates a gift to give you, they have already given you the best gift they possibly can: something straight from their heart. They have used their sweet, precious hands to make you something because they love you, admire you and want to genuinely please you.

It might be difficult to place something that doesn’t look like professional decor up on your mantel to display, but think about how much pride your child will feel if you do. Think about that great big smile on their face and in their heart when they discover that you truly do cherish and love what they have made you! This simple act provides your child with a feeling of love, acceptance and pride.

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for great Mother’s Day Ideas for you. This year, we are keeping it simple and have found something super easy for your child to do.

Simply Print This off for your Mom (or for your kids to give to their Mom) and all will be well with the world! You could have them make a home made card to go along with this wonderful gift!

For more free printables and ideas, visit Family Education.

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11 Responses to Open it With a Smile This Mother’s Day ~no matter WHAT it is!

  1. mamawee says:

    thanks so much for the mention! We made mothers day gifts yesterday – will be posting about it soon!

  2. Guppy says:

    I love the pot full of fake flowers my son made for me at school when he was 7. It still sits right on my desk.

  3. yeah my son once bought me this really ugly pot holder from a sale at his school, it was hard to smile and not laugh!

  4. Jayda says:

    I think I personally appreciate the things the kids make vs their faces when they buy me something. They are so proud and that is something worth more then what money can get me anyday!-


  5. Sober Julie says:

    I display EVERYTHING….for a long time then snap a pic and away it goes

  6. My daughter gave me a home made card she made at school. -SASS

  7. Bonnie Way says:

    My daughter made me a card and fridge magnet at her preschool. It’s on our fridge. As they get older, they will give different presents, but each should be appreciated, as you say. 🙂

  8. My mother still keeps some of the gifts I made her when I was younger, and I smile every time I see them.

    Visiting from SASS:

  9. Becky says:

    Love the kids’ artwork! It really does make them proud to have their work displayed. Thank you for the timely reminder! And thank you for your lovely comments over on my blogs; I’ve responded to both! 🙂

  10. Katrina says:

    My gosh! This is so very true. A handmade gift from a child is straight from the heart. The most beautiful gift of all!


  11. And don’t talk bad about the gift afterwards to others, I overheard a mom on the train talking about how she didn’t like the gift her daughter had picked out for her. Not very classy

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