Baci Mother’s Day Giveaway ($100 Spa Gift Card GRAND PRIZE)

Any Mom would be considered lucky to receive a box of Baci Perugina Chocolate for Mother’s Day this year!


We were fortunate to have received some Baci of our own to sample, feel free to read the review of our thoughts!

This Mother’s Day, enter to win the chance to spoil your Mom or even yourself! You could win a GRAND PRIZE of a $100 Spa Gift Card and TWO boxes of Baci Chocolate!!! What better way to pamper yourself or to be pampered than by some delicious chocolates and a visit to the spa?! But wait…..there is also a chance to win one of FIVE boxes of chocolate.

Check out Baci Canada’s new website where you will find a recipe you just might not be able to resist making: Baci Cake!.

You can also find Baci on Twitter and Facebook.

This giveaway is hosted by The Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy.

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90 Responses to Baci Mother’s Day Giveaway ($100 Spa Gift Card GRAND PRIZE)

  1. Canadian Dad says:

    I am so in on this one! C’mon ladies, save my Mothers Day!!!

  2. Canadian Dad says:

    My Mom deserves to be pampered because she’s a single mom and she doesn’t get pampered any other day of the year.

  3. You can never truly appreciate your mother until you become one yourself. How they put you first EVERY time, and support as you go. My mom is always doing for others and rarely takes time for herself. She totally deserves some pampering.

  4. my mom deserves to be pampered … because she is my rock and always there for me.

  5. Mysharona says:

    my mom does, she’s had a hard year

  6. D.Calvert says:

    My mom so deserves it! She think of everyone before herself, in cold months here in Alberta she goes to a DT Wendys location once a week, buys 50 burgers & coffee and gives them out to the homeless kids and people who hang there, along with blankets and gloves, she is a deep caring human being:)

  7. mar says:

    My friend Martha. She has been a foster mother for three decades and is such a giving person to these children.

  8. Annie1 says:

    My mom passed away 2 years ago and my husband’s mom has also; but we have a daughter who is an excellent mom and defintely deserves to be pampered! She is a mom to small kidlets and thus doesn’t get much time to herself, let alone get to sleep much lol, so she would love this! She’s such a good mommy and I’m so proud of her.


    Anne Taylor

  9. Denise G says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She is in a nursing home and deserves all the best that life can give her.

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  10. Guppy says:

    Id say my Mother inlaw. My FIL passed away just a month ago after battling mutliple cancers for the past few years. Her youngest child is also away at college, so shes very lonely now 🙁

  11. mkjmc says:

    My MIL She is 91 and still going~

  12. MY MOM is always there for everyone. she deserves to win to be pampered.

  13. peg42 says:

    My Mom is always helping others and us and it would be nice to treat her to a special day.
    Thanks so much.

  14. CAJUNMAN12 says:

    My mom deserves everything because she always puts everyone else before herself

  15. ksceviour says:

    My mom has passed away..:( ,,so I will say I deserves to be pampered! I never gets pampered,so its about time!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  16. Heidi says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered because she is always there for me and my 4 sisters. She has made lots of sacrifices for us over the years.

  17. psnyder says:

    My mom-in-law….my mom is gone & she is such a support to me now!

  18. Nicole says:

    My Mom deserves to win this… she is a single Mom who works very hard to provide for herself and care for my brother. Her father just passed away and her mother was diagnosed with ALS in October. I know the stress of everything is really eating at her and she could really use a break. Being pampered would be an amazing gift for her.

  19. Melissa R says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered because she is always doing for us kids and leaves herself last. This would be a nice treat for her where it is all about her.
    melisa0072 at gmail dot com

  20. The Zoo says:

    My mom deserves this treat. She’s always been there for me and has helped me with my own kids. Hope I win it for her!

    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  21. chadro says:

    well I’d have to say my 89 year old lady friend Pat who is a widow and is so kind to help out any stray cat that wanders to her home. I know she must spend a whole lot on kitty food for them

  22. rachel b. says:

    my mom deserved it because she was a single parent most of our lives. she sacrificed so much to raise all of us.

  23. Lori's Place says:

    I would love to pamper my sister, she is a mom and had a long hard year. lori a galbraith

  24. Lisa Smith says:

    I would take my grandma

  25. leanne_mac says:

    my mom and me!
    leannemacg at

  26. sweepmom says:

    My niece deserves pampering. She is a working mom of two kids who have some challenges. She rarely gets time to herself.

  27. Amy M says:

    I would love to say that I deserve to be pampered. This is my first mothers day and I don’t often take the time I deserve to myself. I’m about to start back to work and trying to juggle everything (that of course all mom’s do).. but would love the chance to pamper myself at the spa 🙂 Or even just some tasty chocolate!

  28. Cheryl says:

    I think I would deserve the pampering only because I don’t really speak to my mom and my MIL is too far away. 😉 Plus, I never get to do things for myself!

  29. jed says:

    I actually deserve to be pampered, but thts just my opinion

  30. My grandma because she’s the best and she just had to move to a nursing home!
    thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  31. Olivia L says:

    My mother in law watches our daughter twice a week while I’m at work and never hesitates to help in any way we ask her to. She’s awesome!

  32. Momma C (cyndi) deserves to be pampered for taking care of so many adoptive kids.


  33. blessedta says:

    My mother because she is the best

  34. kyl neusch says:

    mother since she is hardworking

  35. My grandmother would be the mom that deserves this. She raised me and helped out when I had my boys.


  36. Belinda M says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered this mother’s day because she is always doing things for others and never thinks of herself


    belinda mcnabb

  37. driddles says:

    My Mom deserves the gift card. Why? Because she had to raise me, trust me that could not have been fun.

  38. Paula Schuck says:

    My mom deserves this because it has been such a hard year for her health wise. It would be a great opportunity for us tO bond. Last summer she was in the hospital all summer and we moved her January to a retirement home near by. She is better now but this would be so welcome.


  39. Carla G says:

    My MIL deserves to be pampered as she works so hard and always is doing things for everyone else. It was a rough start for us and we didn’t use to get along very well, but now we get along fabulously and she’s the best MIL I could ask for. Just wish we lived closer… 🙂

  40. flowerchild says:

    My mother in law because she has really helped out since my mother passed away 6 months ago

  41. CinnyBBS says:

    My mom’s always there for me through the thick and thin and I just don’t get the time to pamper or thank her enough. This would be a great surprise for her since I haven’t been able to see her on Mother’s Day for 4 years now. Whirlwind of Surprises

  42. Karryk says:

    My step mom deserves to be pampered. She always goes over and beyond to treat us like her own kids

  43. Anonymous says:

    my daughter

  44. My best friend deserves to be pampered as it’s been a tough year for her personally and professionally. Thanks.
    rararomp at gmail dot com

  45. InezbyDesign says:

    Would love to share this giveaway with my daughter and daughter in law!

  46. that would be me. I am a single mom who lost my job, then 4 months later underwent surgery that left me unable to work for 8 months… now ready to work and can’t find a job… i need some stress relief

  47. C Wilson says:

    I would say I am in need of pampering. I’m a single mom with two very challenging children and never get time to myself to relax and never have the money to treat myself to something nice like this

  48. crankyyanky1 says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered she is always doing for everyone else she has always supported me even when I drove her nuts and right now she is taking care of my dad every day now for 4 months she has had to remove and rebandage my dads legs like a mummy because of a sickness he has it takes her 2 hrs every day and she never complains she is AWESOME

  49. Because she takes care of everyone else!

  50. marlibu says:

    My MIL b/c she is selfless, loving and caring 🙂


  51. buzzd says:

    My aunt as she is so good to all of us

  52. I hope I’m the Mom that gets pampered this year 😉

  53. Sue2Sueper says:

    My mom needs to be pampered for mothers day, she’s taking care of dad and always there for all the kids.

  54. Jennifer L. says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered because her health hasn’t been great lately and she still does so much for all of us in the family. It’s her turn to be taken care of.
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  55. Vesper says:

    The closest person to a mother that I have is my mother-in-law who deserves a treat as she lives in a different country to her son

  56. my mom is the sweetest lady and deserves this

  57. SG says:

    My Mom has been fantastic since the baby was born – and she deserves a treat!

  58. dorcontest says:

    Myself. Why? I would say my mom, but she passed last year. I miss her immensely. I have worked hard on my own to raise my boys.


  59. lelalacc says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. lelalacc says:

    my mom does – she is kind, considerate, supportive and always puts the intersts of others before her own.

    (entering in rafflecopter as jen s.)

  61. Andrea Amy says:

    ME because i am a stay at home mom to FIVE boys and I never get time for myself. I literally have 1 or 2 kids on top of me if i even try to go to the washroom, and if i want to shower or have a bath, i have at least my 2 year old in the tub too unless i feel like having my shower at midnight (which I don’t). Mother’s day here will be me cleaning, and changing diapers and cooking. No day off for me. I will be lucky if my family even remember its mother day and get me a card, or even say happy mother’s day. they normally forget.

  62. mamawee says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered because she is my mom! She has been through a lot – my dad died when we were teenagers so she had to grieve as well as raise 2 teenagers….

  63. outasite says:

    My daughter, a new mom, deserves to be pampered because she is a great mom, daughter and granddaughter.

  64. sweetsue says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered because she always pampers everybody and asks for nothing. She is 70 and still mows the lawn.
    Susan Chester

  65. Samorjj says:

    I would love to surprise my mom with this. She is an adoring grandma and a trooper to take care of an ailing parent.

  66. JD says:

    I would pamper myself because I am always looking after everyone,so mother’s day is my time

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  67. my MIL deserves to be pampered. She works hard and is always there to help me
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  68. Rebby says:

    My Mom deserves to be pampered because she has been through so much this past year!

  69. Tamar says:

    I would have to say me but I know it’s not happening.

    Right now I’m fighting with my son to eat … he says he is hungry but only wants the same thing! He left his chicken on the table last night and I’m insisting he finishes it.

    Not to mention I’m 39 weeks pregnant and completely uncomfortable 🙂

  70. My mom.
    She a hard working mom and always there for me when I need her.

  71. Amber says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered. She is a wonderful woman and mother and I’d love to see her get something speical. She definitely deserves it.

  72. clynsg says:

    I think I could use the pampering, but my daughter needs it more–wife, mother, grandmother and a full time college student–she needs a little rest. Even now that the semester is over, she is attacking her house, which has definitely not been her priority for the past several months.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  73. Sandra says:

    My sister deserves to be pampered cause she’s a single hard-working mom.
    wrotek5 (at) gmail (dot) com

  74. i do.. i have had a rough year!

  75. pauline15 says:

    Definately my mother deserves it! She managed to raise six of us with very little and our home was always spotless. I look at her now and consider her wonderwoman. I could never do what she did!

  76. Jonnie (JB) says:

    My mother in law deserves to be pampered because she works hard and has health issues but is always positive and upbeat.

  77. my mom needs a boost she is trying to be so brave after losing Dad
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  78. Helen says:

    my grandmother she takes care of everyone

  79. maria says:

    My mother always puts us before her. She deserves to be spoiled!

  80. MizVickik says:

    Sadly, I’ve lost my mother, but I hope for a little pampering from my daughter this weekend! 🙂 Thanks!
    (Miz Vickik)

  81. Debbie C says:

    My Mom deserves to be honored on Mother’s Day because she has been the most important positive influence in my life.


  82. dawn0124 says:

    My mom deserves to be pampered this Mother’s Day because she takes care of everyone else in her life every other day of the year.

  83. ckfrrt says:

    My sister does,she works two jobs just to support her kids as a single mom.

  84. sue14625 says:

    Mom is no longer with us but my elderly Aunt is dealing with health issues i would love to pamper her

  85. laurasloves says:

    My mother-in-law as she has been so kind and compassionate toward me after losing my own mom. She deserves to be pampered as she is the sweetest mom I know.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  86. My mom deserves to be pampered because she’s put up with my brother living with her all year! lol 🙂

  87. carolpie says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Atreau says:

    She deserves to be pampered because she’s had a rough year.

  89. Atreau says:

    She deserves to be pampered because she’s had a rough year.

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