No More Chaffed Skin with ChafeStop™ from @ILoveLoveys

Recently, ChafeGuard™ had a name change to ChafeStop™!

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With the dry, cold weather in the winter, our skin can become extra dry, itchy and uncomfortable. I was surprised to notice that one day a few weeks ago, my son’s inner thighs were completely chaffed. They looked so red, raw and painful and it developed literally during one school day. My heart hurt for the discomfort that he was experiencing.

We started to treat it with various bath soaks, lotions and creams, including diaper cream, but nothing was fully working. I put out a request over Facebook and within minutes, I received many excellent suggestions, but one of them caught my eye more than the rest and that was Loveys ChafeStop™. The fact that it is Canadian made was definitely a selling feature for me!

This is an all natural anti-chafing stick. People who can benefit from this stick include athletes, seniors, disabled people, pregnant woman, plus sized individuals and anyone else who experiences chafing on their body.

The ChafeStop™ stick soothes and protects your skin from further chafing.

When I was pregnant, my thighs would rub together and in the heat of the summer, I cannot even begin to describe the intense pain that I experienced every time I walked! I really could have used this ChafeStop™ stick then!

Within 24 hours of applying Lovey’s ChafeStop™ stick onto my son’s legs, his skin was showing signs of more healing than he had experienced yet. We both loved the smell of the product (it smells fresh) and the ease of application was faster and more painless than any of the other lotions, ointments or creams that I had already tried. He lay still and didn’t flinch as I quickly spread the stick on his skin.

I love how the ChafeStop™ stick is:

  • 100% natural
  • easy to apply
  • stain free
  • non-greasy

The ChafeStop™ stick can be used on the following places:

  • feet and heels
  • hands
  • chest
  • nipples
  • under arms
  • belly
  • inner thighs
  • and any other body part that requires special care

The stick can be used to protect your skin from chafing & irritation, heat rash, rubbing or friction from skin to skin or clothing, blisters, dry skin, wind and cold.


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