Adorable Baby Clothing from @OM_home {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here.

Our LO just had her 6 month appointment and was 18 lbs, 7oz!! She is in the 85th percentile for weight and 97th for height! Needless to say, she doesn’t typically fit into clothing that is marked for her age. The arms and legs are usually too short leaving her a little chilly.

While I am always looking for stylish clothing for my LO, I try my best to be sensible and practical with my choices. I came across OM home, which is colourful design for the modern family, while reading a magazine at a local baby store. I really liked the idea of the fold over socks on their reversible pants and one-piece pajamas – maybe this would keep the little extremities warm???

I love how the company is Canadian and that while they do have pinks and blues, they also provide gender neutral clothing colours and patterns.

OM home Baby Clothing via @MultiTestingMom

When we received the pants, sleeper and bandana/bib I was particularly fond of the way the tags were affixed – none of those plastic tag holders that are hard to remove and whose ends can easily become choking hazards! The cards were neatly tied with string. In addition to that, the tags in the clothing are sewn in at the neck so that they don’t scratch or stick out which I like.

The pants are a great thickness, can be reversed, and both me and nana love the fold over bottoms – especially this winter which doesn’t seem to want to end! My husband found the pant bottoms a bit difficult to put on as they are a bit tighter than a traditional pant, however I found that this helped with keeping socks on and little toes warm.

The sizing is perfect too – at the 97th percentile for height, our LO has a little bit of room still in the 6-12 month size (more so in the sleeper).

Lastly, I LOVE the bandana, which we have been using as a bib – so cute and stylish. Everything washed up really nicely and did not shrink in the drying which is a big plus.

Prize: OM home Prize Pack including a One-piece pj with foldover socks, reversible pants and a hankie bandana ($95 value)
Size (0-24 mths) and Colour chosen by winner, pending availability!
Open to: Canadian and US Residents only
Giveaway ends: April 5, 2013 12:00 AM
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