All Aboard with These Train Party Ideas


Celebrate your birthday child by taking a ride back into the past—or zoom into the future—with a train themed birthday party. Whether you choose a vintage railway or a contemporary city subway, a train themed celebration can go places without leaving the station. A train-centric cake on a dessert table with boxcars full of treats, decorations and favors is a ticket to childhood fun! A charming train shaped invitation can include a boarding pass ticket with party particulars. It will ramp up excitement for your event, and if you encourage guests to bring their boarding pass with them, it can … Continue reading

Trampoline Giveaway

Trampoline Giveaway

When my daughter was three and a half, Santa brought her a trampoline. He must have assembled it in our basement because once we discovered it down there on Christmas morning (thanks to a note that hinted there was a gift waiting for her down there), we couldn’t figure out how to get it up our stairs! This little trampoline served us well for a number of years and it is such a popular item amongst young children that 7 years later, it is still a favourite at Mastermind Toys! I love this trampoline for kids because of its safety … Continue reading

How to Plan a Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

If there is a gamer at your house you can bet he or she would love a Minecraft birthday party! Even if you’ve never played the game you’ll be able to easily pull this party together because, just like in the game, everything is built out of a simple square shape. Ready to build a birthday universe? In the Minecraft game, earthy browns, greens and sky blue predominate the colour scheme. The Minecraft mountains, trees, and oceans can become a beautiful scenario or a fearsome destination. The player is the programmer so s/he constructs the story and the world with … Continue reading

Last Chance to Link Up Your Child Friendly Activities in 2014!

2014 Happy Holidays Artsy Play

This is your last chance in 2014 to link up your child friendly activities and crafts on Artsy Play Wednesday! We will be taking a break over the holidays in order to spend more quality time with our children. Stay tuned to see what is in store for 2015….. If you will be doing holiday baking with your children, feel free to get some helpful tips here: Link Up Your Child Friendly Posts Below… BLOGGERS: Please feel free to link up your FAVOURITE crafts and activities for children from YOUR blog. Thank you for sharing your amazing posts with our … Continue reading

5 Tips for Baking with Kids During the Holidays #HallmarkPressPause {Giveaway}

Baking with Kids Giveaway

Many people enjoy baking during the holidays. In fact, holiday baking is often party of a family’s tradition. It is NO secret that children love to bake! However, many parents are often overwhelmed with the extra amount of work that comes along with baking with children. Here are some helpful tips when baking with kids: Get ingredients out and organized ahead of time. – It is amazing what kind of “trouble” children can get into when you are busy trying to locate ingredients and tools. Measure out the trickier ingredients. – Depending on the age of the children, you may … Continue reading

First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Ideas

All birthdays are wonderful occasions but that first birthday celebration is especially significant. How do you plan a party that will hold a lifetime of memories? Whether you host a small gathering for family and a few close friends or decide to throw an extravagant bash for a crowd, plan for success by deciding on a theme and then the decoration ideas, birthday cake design and party favors will be much easier to choose. A party theme is simply an idea that unifies all the party elements. There are innumerable possibilities, including: nursery rhymes, a favorite book, popular characters (Disney, … Continue reading

Educational Holiday Themed Activities for Kids

Educational Holiday Themed Activities for Kids

Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make an “educational moment” with my children. I happen to have a HUGE collection of Printables saved on my computer and I was noticing that my Holiday folder is looking a little bare, so today I went on a hunt for some Educational Holiday Themed Activities for Kids to add to my collection. Counting and Reading Skills Trees Pre – K through K Christmas learning pack Some more Holiday ideas for Children for you to check out: Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas … Continue reading

Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

I am a huge believer and fan in play-based learning. This type of learning doesn’t stop after Kindergarten either! I have witnessed the fantastic outcome it can have in later grades too. Hands-on, fun approaches to learning makes education more engaging and interesting, which ultimately increases attention spans and therefore retention of new information. Learning that involves children being active in a hands-on approach is key to the success of many students. One example of a tool that can be used in many hands-on activities is a Hot Wheels vehicle. Think of the science and math involved, not to mention … Continue reading

Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Holiday Crafts for Kids

Last weekend, my kitchen exploded with Christmas crafts! You see, I store all of our Christmas craft items in a large box and I brought it upstairs. The kids literally took the entire box apart, looking at all of the fun Christmas materials and activities that we have and they started using their imaginations and creating Christmas crafts. It was so much fun to watch them create their own holiday creations using all of the Christmas craft materials that I keep from year to year. Do you keep your old holiday cards, gift wrap, ribbons etc. for your children to … Continue reading

Fun in a Box with Curiosity Box: A Subscription Box for Kids

Subscription Box for Kids

It isn’t very often that I come across a Gift Idea that I KNOW every single child would love to receive. What child doesn’t love to receive mail? Do you know one? I certainly don’t. My children ask me every single day when I pick up the mail with them whether or not there is something for them. Curiosity Box is a subscription box for kids! When my son discovered that there was mail for him and not only was it mail, but it was a BOX with his name on it, saying that he was thrilled is an understatement! … Continue reading