How to Plan a Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday PartyIf there is a gamer at your house you can bet he or she would love a Minecraft birthday party! Even if you’ve never played the game you’ll be able to easily pull this party together because, just like in the game, everything is built out of a simple square shape. Ready to build a birthday universe?

In the Minecraft game, earthy browns, greens and sky blue predominate the colour scheme. The Minecraft mountains, trees, and oceans can become a beautiful scenario or a fearsome destination. The player is the programmer so s/he constructs the story and the world with sticks, stones, grass and bricks. You can do the same with the party décor.

Whether you opt to head to the local home improvement store for faux brick or stone panels or decide to make a giant creeper face from square paper plates, the party dessert table will benefit from a focal point backdrop. Artificial grass (think outdoor carpet) or grass placemats will add to the ambiance. Square head characters like Steve, hero Brine and even the dreaded creepers, make great additions to the décor. An axe and a sword are familiar symbols in the game and their shapes can be easily made from cardboard or foam core board. Use them simply as decorative pieces or use them as fun platforms to serve menu items.

To really “wow” guests, those menu items should represent game pieces. Look at Minecraft parties on the internet and you’ll find lots of clever food choices. A few examples: Rolo candy wrapped in red paper with a black licorice whip “wick” makes perfect TNT; use pretzel rods for sticks; cocoa, black food colouring and rice krispie treats become lumps of coal; chocolate cupcakes and green frosting are great stand-ins for dirt and grass; make lava blocks with crackers or cheese squares. Kids get really excited with a mix-your-own potion at a beverage station, too!

So, what kind of activities will these young gamers want to do at the party? Anything that is related to Minecraft will make them happy! Hire a gaming station to drive their vehicle right to your party if you want to offer actual game playing together, but there are other options. Crafting items do double-duty as an activity and as take-home favours. Craft stations can include making Minecraft character t-shirts or use Perler beads to create small, game inspired items. Cardboard boxes and coloured cardstock can be used to design character masks or blockheads. Use those items as props for a fun photo session. Another idea is to hide blocks around the house or yard and award prizes for redeemed blocks.

The main thing at any birthday party is kids having fun together. With decorations, food and activities all built around the square, pixilated look of the popular Minecraft game, you might decide this theme is one of the easiest parties to build!

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