How to Plan a Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

If there is a gamer at your house you can bet he or she would love a Minecraft birthday party! Even if you’ve never played the game you’ll be able to easily pull this party together because, just like in the game, everything is built out of a simple square shape. Ready to build a birthday universe? In the Minecraft game, earthy browns, greens and sky blue predominate the colour scheme. The Minecraft mountains, trees, and oceans can become a beautiful scenario or a fearsome destination. The player is the programmer so s/he constructs the story and the world with … Continue reading

Tips for Planning a 5 Star Construction Themed Party


If you’re focused on building a 5 star construction themed party, I’ve dug up some help to get you started. Caution: hard hat area ahead! I’ve hammered out a few suggestions for invitations, decorations, activities and refreshments that you can build on to create one solid celebration! Build excitement with awesome invitations A creative invitation can help you build excitement for your party. Think about how you might incorporate the construction theme into your invitation. One possibility includes cutting out either a construction truck or caution sign from cardstock and adding your own party details, like, “Caution: Sam is turning … Continue reading