All Aboard with These Train Party Ideas

Celebrate your birthday child by taking a ride back into the past—or zoom into the future—with a train themed birthday party. Whether you choose a vintage railway or a contemporary city subway, a train themed celebration can go places without leaving the station. A train-centric cake on a dessert table with boxcars full of treats, decorations and favors is a ticket to childhood fun!
A charming train shaped invitation can include a boarding pass ticket with party particulars. It will ramp up excitement for your event, and if you encourage guests to bring their boarding pass with them, it can be used throughout your event. Punch their ticket or add a sticker to their pass as guests are welcomed at the train station ticket booth (or your front door), the dining car and luggage platform. Personalize your train station by naming it after the birthday boy/girl. For example, welcome guests to the Johnson Railway for a ride on the David Express, with arrival at Platform #4.

Focusing décor in a central area will simplify preparations while still generating a festive atmosphere. Blue and white railway stripes with zips of red are a classic with this theme, but your train line can be whatever color combo suits you.

Make the dessert table the center of attraction; the main decorative statement is usually the table backdrop. You might use a poster or framed picture of a train. A wood pallet makes a great train track when placed on end and leaned against the wall—just make sure it’s stable. Railroad crossing signs and lanterns are perfect accompaniments and a conductor’s hat and pocket watch might be included, too. Toy trains look super and are available in muted vintage colors or kid happy brights and all sorts of in-between shades. You can also build your own train with decorative boxes; use the boxcars to serve treats. A printable party collection is an easy way to give a high-end, coordinated look to cupcakes, treats and beverages.

Additional decorations might include a stack of vintage trunks as a handsome stand in for a buffet or favor station. Pennant banners and balloons always add to a celebration. Black tape train tracks will have guests chug-chugging around the party. Railroader hats, bandanas and whistles serve plural functions: décor; costume pieces; and take-home favors.

A few themed activities will keep party energy high. Plan for coloring train pictures, painting model trains, and playing games like Follow the Engine (Leader) and Crack-the-Whip. Younger kids love playing in cardboard boxes; transform boxes into boxcars with a bit of paint. Make up a story to take the kids through an imaginary train ride.

When it’s time for young guests to disembark, a mini valise from the luggage station can be filled with extra treats to take home. Themed stickers, books or a small toy train are potential options, too.

Adding a little imagination to train themed decorations and fun activities will have the gang clamoring for a ride. All aboard the Birthday Express!

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9 Responses to All Aboard with These Train Party Ideas

  1. Reese Speaks says:

    My son would go crazy for this themed birthday party! He would try to play with the trains instead of leaving them as decorations! Thanks for sharing it! I will keep this in mind to use for his b-day in the fall!

  2. mommakoala says:

    These ideas are great, but I am concerned about how much icing they are consuming. How well, load them up with sugar and send them home with their parents…lol

  3. elizamatt says:

    Fantastic ideas and I adore that cake, it’s beautiful. Did you make it?

  4. Jennifer lo says:

    Some of these ideas I think I will use at the daycare I work at. They love trains

  5. Rogue_Femme says:

    I have a nephew who loves trains (and Thomas); this would be perfect. Thanks!

  6. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the cool ideas!

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