BOOK REVIEW: My Name is not Alexander by Jennifer Fosberry

I loved Jennifer Fosberry’s book, My Name Is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream?! My daughter and I read it often. It is such a wonderful book for girls to be inspired by! She was so proud to have this book that she brought into her class for her teacher to share with her class! Jennifer Fosberry has a new book that follows a young boy on an imaginary trip through history as he pretends to be some of the innovative men who influenced and shaped our world. The men who are mentioned (and described in … Continue reading

(closed) REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Crane Children’s Humidifier

Congratulations to Commenter #145, OrangeHeroMama! Crane Animal Humidifiers are the PERFECT humidifier to have when you have young children! When your children get sick with a cold, a humidifier can really help them be more comfortable at night! As well, during the cold, dry winter months, a humidifier can help keep your house less dry, which in turn keeps your child’s nasal passage less dry and your child’s skin less dry and irritated. The Crane Animal Humidifiers are simply adorable! They come in a variety of designs, each one is adorable in its own way. They are VERY quiet compared … Continue reading

(closed) BOOK REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Rocket Town by Bob Logan

Congratulations to Commenter #55, missbobloblaw! Rocket Town by Bob Logan, Published by Sourcebooks Inc. The book Rocket Town by Bob Logan is a unique Retro looking board book for young children all about rockets. It is about an astronaut and his dog going on an adventure through a town looking for their perfect rocket. On their adventure, they see MANY different rockets. Each page is filled with many different, VERY unique looking retro rocketships! Rocket Town certainly gets a young child’s imagination going. There are so many things to look at on each page and the illustrations are very interesting … Continue reading

Multi-Testing Mommy Recommends Piddle Pads

Here I am, making a Multi-Testing Mommy Recommendation! This time, it’s a Piddle Pad made by Kiddopotamus. Boy, do I ever wish I had these when my daughter was a baby! She sure did have explosive poos in her carseat that were just a disaster to clean up. I first invested in one of these when my daughter was potty training. I was so nervous to take her anywhere without a diaper on, but I knew how important it was to remain consistent. I started off using grocery bags under her bum, but that didn’t last long. I realized they … Continue reading

(closed ) REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Girl Gotch – comfy underwear for girls

Congratulations to Commenter #35, leanne_mac! My daughter has sensitive skin and therefore, we have had issues with the elastic waistbands and legs on underwear ever since she has been toilet trained! Enter: Girl Gotch! This is THE BEST UNDERWEAR that we have tried. Seriously! It’s the BEST!!! The waistbands and binding around the legs feature a one inch covered elastic that nice and thick as well as non-irritating! They are the first pair of underwear that have not left red marks on my daughter’s skin! I’m not sure why all girl’s underwear isn’t made this way? WE LOVE THESE UNDERWEAR! … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: A Royal Little Pest Mine! and A Royal Little Pest by Anita Reynolds MacArthur

We received two books for review written by Anita Reynolds MacArthur called A Royal Little Pest and A Royal Little Pest Mine! The main character, Prince Hayden MacCheeky, is a little boy who doesn’t like to share anything and he loves to annoy and irritate his siblings. A Royal Little PestPrince Hayden MacCheeky is a REAL little prince who learns that playing with his royal siblings is WAY more fun than imitating and irritating them. He lives in a royal castle with royal parents, royal siblings and even a royal dog named Goober. This story is written in a way … Continue reading

Lilla Rose Hair Clip

I’m so glad to have been introduced to Lilla Rose products, especially the Flexi Hair Clip! It truly is the best hair clip that I have ever used AND it looks good too! There is such a wide selection of clips to choose from in a variety of sizes. I will say that sizing is super important when choosing your Flexi Clip! So go to the Flexi Hair Clip Sizing & Styling page and make sure that you select the appropriate size for your hair type, length and for the style that you like to wear your hair (e.g. pony … Continue reading

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Idea

I went to the good old Dollar Store and picked up some inexpensive materials, along with some things we had at home, to make a fun activity for the kids with a Valentine’s theme! Little heart shaped boxes that open up filled with different “noise makers”. I doubled them up so that they could play a little game of “find the matching sound”. I also taped the hearts shut afterwards so that my 2 year old wouldn’t take them apart and make a mess of choking hazards. As I would learn later, the mess part wasn’t stopped… I put those … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari by Donita Paul and Evangeline Denmark

The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline DenmarkIllustrated by Vincent NguyneGenre: Juvenile FictionISBN 978-0-307-44645-9 The Dragon and the Turtle helps children learn how to conquer their fears while going on exciting adventures with Roger (the turtle) and his best friend Padraig (the kitten-sized dragon). In the book, Roger and Padraig go on a camping adventure together where they are bound and determined to spend the entire night outside. They use their vivid imaginations and find all sorts of things to be afraid of, but in the end, their strong friendship is what helps … Continue reading

REVIEW: Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids

Our kids love music. They love listening to music, playing music, dancing to music, you name it! When it comes to listening to music with portable players, adult headphones just don’t work! They are either too large and fall off their head or the buds fall out of their ears. That is why I love Kidz Gear Headphones that are made specifically with kids in mind! They are child sized headphones, but they are made to provide the same high quality performance as adult headphones. They are comfortable for children with padding for their ears. I just love how kids … Continue reading