Multi-Testing Mommy Recommends Piddle Pads

Here I am, making a Multi-Testing Mommy Recommendation! This time, it’s a Piddle Pad made by Kiddopotamus. Boy, do I ever wish I had these when my daughter was a baby! She sure did have explosive poos in her carseat that were just a disaster to clean up.

I first invested in one of these when my daughter was potty training. I was so nervous to take her anywhere without a diaper on, but I knew how important it was to remain consistent. I started off using grocery bags under her bum, but that didn’t last long. I realized they weren’t that safe (too slippery) AND they made her little bum hot which isn’t too much incentive for not wearing diapers. Then, I went on a hunt and came across these amazing Piddle Pads!

What makes them great is of course that they are water proof liners, but they also are designed to fit a car seat AND they are lined with terry cloth to make them much more comfortable.

The ironic thing is that we have had one in my son’ car seat since he was born (you know those explosive poos can be disastrous) AND he hasn’t had an “accident” yet where we have had to wash the silly thing, but I KNOW that it will save us from a messy clean up soon. Even if it’s only once, it will be totally worth it!

Oh, and did I mention that it is machine washable?

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