REVIEW: Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids

Our kids love music. They love listening to music, playing music, dancing to music, you name it!

When it comes to listening to music with portable players, adult headphones just don’t work! They are either too large and fall off their head or the buds fall out of their ears.

That is why I love Kidz Gear Headphones that are made specifically with kids in mind! They are child sized headphones, but they are made to provide the same high quality performance as adult headphones. They are comfortable for children with padding for their ears. I just love how kids look like mini adults when they wear them!

The headphones come in two options: wired or wireless. The wireless ones work with all US single-channel, built-in, IR (infrared) DVD/Video systems.

These headphones are definitely top quality and I highly recommend them, especially if you do a lot of traveling!

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