Gift Idea: Make a Personal Photo Book

A great holiday gift idea is to make your own Photo Book. What a wonderful gift with a personal touch that will be treasured for years to come! Blurb Books start as low as $3.95 and can be a very cost effective yet super thoughtful gift! I cannot wait to create my own photo book for my children this year! The look on their faces when they open up a book where they are the main characters will be priceless. Some ideas of types of books that you can make are: family photo album a photo story book for your … Continue reading

Multi-Testing Mommy Recommends Piddle Pads

Here I am, making a Multi-Testing Mommy Recommendation! This time, it’s a Piddle Pad made by Kiddopotamus. Boy, do I ever wish I had these when my daughter was a baby! She sure did have explosive poos in her carseat that were just a disaster to clean up. I first invested in one of these when my daughter was potty training. I was so nervous to take her anywhere without a diaper on, but I knew how important it was to remain consistent. I started off using grocery bags under her bum, but that didn’t last long. I realized they … Continue reading

Lilla Rose Hair Clip

I’m so glad to have been introduced to Lilla Rose products, especially the Flexi Hair Clip! It truly is the best hair clip that I have ever used AND it looks good too! There is such a wide selection of clips to choose from in a variety of sizes. I will say that sizing is super important when choosing your Flexi Clip! So go to the Flexi Hair Clip Sizing & Styling page and make sure that you select the appropriate size for your hair type, length and for the style that you like to wear your hair (e.g. pony … Continue reading

Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions and

Medium-Thick Hair Style Spray (Heat Protection and Shine)Pantene’s innovative heat protection spray formula features micro-polymers that form a protective film around strands to help shield strands against heat damage from styling. The formula helps reduce friction, enhancing style-ability and providing a lustrous shine. Pantene’s Heat Protection & Shine Spray prepares hair for blow drying, flat-ironing or curling. ~information taken directly from Here’s the funny thing about this product! I really wanted to try it out because I like to straighten my hair with a hair straightener and I know how bad they can damage your hair, especially in the … Continue reading

MTM Recommends Kandoo Products

Kandoo Products have become a staple in our house! We use the pump soap in every bathroom of the house so that my daughter washes her hands properly. I love the fact that the soap comes out in a foam so that it rinses easily off of little hands. The wipes have proved to be very useful in teaching my daughter how to wipe herself after #2. They are small enough for her little hands, they smell great and they make wiping so much easier than using toilet paper. I realize that the wipes aren’t the best for the environment, … Continue reading

MTM Recommends: Diapees & Wipees

I was given a Diapees and Wipees bag when my son was first born. Although I didn’t use it at the beginning because diaper changes required too many implements, I am going to start using it now for sure. Diapee Wipees are great little fashionable pouches to carry your diaper changing needs so that they are discreet and all in one place. They even make the bags in a waterproof option, which I think is brilliant! I hate bringing my entire diaper bag into a change area for two reasons:a) There often is nowhere to put it and I HATE … Continue reading

MTM Recommends: Laundry Stain Remover Stick

Ok, for those of you who have newborns, this stain remover stick is for you! It actually is for anyone who gets stains on their clothing. Whether it be spit up, newborn poo, blood, grass etc. I have to say I have NEVER found a product that works better on clothing stains than this one. It works, it truly does and the best thing is it is natural! It also smells really yummy. It is also SO cheap! Only $2.99! Can you believe it? When my daughter was an infant, I threw out many outfits that were stained and completely … Continue reading