INFO: DreamBox Math Activities

Looking for some math activities for your child over the summer? DreamBox might be the place for you! DreamBox offers a unique and personalized K-3 Math Curriculum fit for your child. Products for review are provided free of cost to Multi-Testing Mommy by the manufacturer or a representing PR agency. Opinions expressed belong to Multi-Testing Mommy and are NOT influenced in any way.

BOOK REVIEW: Feeding Penny Pig by Jeannine Fox

I have a secret love for childrens’ books, it might have something to do with the fact that I’m a former Kindergarten teacher. I received a copy of Feeding Penny Pig by Jeannine Fox and my daughter and I have enjoyed reading it together a few times now. I truly believe that teaching financial responsibility not only needs to start when children are very young, but it also has to be modelled appropriately. If we put buy everything with credit cards and financing, are we truly setting a good example for our children? This book has encouraged my daughter to … Continue reading

REVIEW: Laughing Pizza CD and DVD

We received a copy of the Laughing Pizza “It’s Pizza Time” DVD and the CD “Let’s Go Play” for review and boy am I glad we did! Both my 5 year old daughter and 18 month old son absolutely ADORE both listening to the cd and dancing along to the DVD. I have to admit, that I truly do find the music to be quite catchy and you can find me singing along in the background as the kids enjoy the music. Do take note that I tend to enjoy kids’ music in general! I’m that kind of freak. Laughing … Continue reading

Product Review: 191 Unlimited Clothing for Boys and Men

191 Unlimited has a very inspiring start up story! It all began with two good friends, recent college grads who started with $191 at a casino and turned it into enough money launch their first 191 Collection! The founders, Parth and Girish have 4 main principles they follow with each of their creations, that they have: 1) Awesome Fit2) Extreme Comfort3) Innovative Detailing 4) Affordability From the sample that we received and by looking at the website, I completely agree with the first three principles. Maybe I’m cheap, but $54 for a boy’s shirt seems a bit steep? The shirt … Continue reading

REVIEW: Vital ID Bracelets

When I discovered that there was a company out there that sold ID Bands to children (specifically ones that weren’t disposable), I was super excited. I was even more happy to discover that they are a Canadian company! Vital ID offers a variety of Personal and Medical ID bracelets. Vital ID was generous enough to send me samples of Child Safety ID Braclets, Kid Safe Club Safety Bracelet, and Kid Safety Travel ID Band. Ever since my daughter has been able to walk and not ride in a stroller when we are out, I’ve tried to come up with a … Continue reading

REVIEW: Oral B Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

One of, but certainly not the only challenge with regards to our 1 year old Little Man is getting his teeth brushed properly. I was very excited when I was contacted to try out some sample Oral B products for the kids’ teeth. What I like the best about Oral B Stages is that everything is clearly labeled by age. There are great characters on all of the brushes and pastes and the brushes are made with little hands and mouths in mind. I’m not sure there is anything that would really make tooth brushing fun for my little guy, … Continue reading

Review: Oliver’s Labels

I don’t even remember how I found Oliver’s Labels, but let me tell you how excited I am now that I have! I am now an official Oliver’s Labels Agent and proud of it! I fully stand behind Oliver’s Labels products, 110%! I have tried them out (I was sent a sample pack to try) and I love them. Here is what I love: The variety of full-color graphic designs to choose from, and designs are so sweet! The “Found It” tracking system code feature where your item is confidentially connected to you via your email address They stick so … Continue reading

REVIEW: Potty Pony Pals

When my daughter was just starting to potty train, I didn’t like using the traditional pull up diapers (except at night) because I felt like they really weren’t much different than the feel of a diaper and this didn’t give her the feel that she needed. I searched the earth looking for cotton training pants and could only find one type (that worked, but weren’t super). Since then, a company called Potty Pony Pals has approached me and sent me a pair of the Pony Pals in exchange for a review. Although my son isn’t quite ready to start potty … Continue reading

REVIEW: SoCozy Hair Products for Kids

With my daughter going off to JK, the natural breeding ground for lice, I have been particularly interested in hair products that are designed to repel the lice in a natural way. I cringe at the thought of lice. I cringe even more at the thought of having to put really nasty chemicals into my daughter’s hair if she gets lice (please cross your fingers that she doesn’t). I recently discovered a company called So Cozy that makes products for children’s hair called Boo Lice Repel Products. The products contain no harsh chemicals and no parabens. I received two mini … Continue reading

REVIEW: Tie Buddies

With my daughter starting Junior Kindergarten, I was super excited when we received a pair of Tie Buddies to test out! She doesn’t wear lace up shoes yet, but she soon will and I figured we would start to learn now. Much to my chagrin, my daughter has NO interest in learning how. Why learn how to tie shoes when she can wear velcro ones that are super easy, right?! Kids can be lazy little things sometimes 🙂 Anyhow, although I cannot specifically say how these little inventions worked for us, I will say that I think they are an … Continue reading