{Guest Post} Meredith Marks Trunk Show

Thanks to The Amazing Multi-Testing Mommy, I got the heads up on a Meredith Marks jewellery trunk show being held at Holt Renfrew, Bay and Bloor Toronto, from May 4th to 13th. I have to admit, I wasn’t that big a fan of Holt Renfrew, and pretty much avoided stepping even one toe into one of their stores. You see, the first thing people figure out about me (even before they learn my name) is that I’m plus sized, so my usual habit is to stay away from stores that cater to straight-size clothing only (why look at pretty that … Continue reading

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids by Dustin Maher {REVIEW and GIVEAWAY}

A mother’s body goes through so many changes after being pregnant, possibly nursing and experiencing the hormonal roller coaster. Many women struggle with their new bodies after giving birth to a baby. For some women it takes days, for some women it takes weeks or months, for some women it takes years and for some women, their bodies never feel the same again. Getting healthy, truly healthy plays a huge part in feeling like yourself again after becoming a Mom. Fit Moms for Life is a “getting healthy” tool! Fit Moms for Life is a book written by Dustin Maher … Continue reading

Curly Hair Tips for Busy Moms

For seven years now, I have been rushing to get ready for the day. My first born was a very needy baby so I took showers and got ready for the day as fast as I possibly could. There were some days it was so crazy that I actually waited for my husband to come home from work to get ready.I have naturally curly hair (it was wavy before having children, now it’s CURLY!) and on days when I don’t have the time to use a blow dryer with an infuser, I have some simple tricks that I’d like to … Continue reading

Endless Top by @DianeKroe {REVIEW}

Did you just go on vacation and find it challenging with how you packed your clothing to ensure that nothing got wrinkled? I have been introduced to a new solution! Endless Top by Diane Kroe This one size fits all top is made from a completely wrinkle free material. The top can literally be tossed into your bag however you like and it will always come out smooth and looking brand new! I love the feel of the soft material – I enjoy wearing “comfy clothing” and I also don’t iron. This top is definitely a great solution to both … Continue reading


LA ROCHE-POSAY has an amazing lip treatment called Ceralip that helps severely chapped lips.I really love how Ceralip feels going on – it isn’t too glossy, yet it is in a typical “glossy lip balm” tube. It definitely helps to keep my lips feeling moisturised. Every once in a while I get terrible cracks in the corners in my mouth that really hurt, unfortunately Ceralip didn’t fix those cracks any faster than my typical lip treatments, but it did provide relief to them. I used Ceralip over top of my regular lip colour (when I wear it) and on its … Continue reading

Pambras Bra Liners – Stay Dry Underneath!

With the warmer weather visiting us and with being physically active as well, one can get rather HOT and SWEATY underneath “the friends” if you know what I’m talking about! Enter Pambras: The Original Bra Liner These bra liners are a wonderful invention for those of us who are on the sweaty side 😉 Pambras bra liners are a soft bra liner made out of cotton that is designed to absorb perspiration under and between the breasts. Pambra’s also add comfort to under wire and irritating elastic. Wearing Pambra liners have been proven to reduce moisture that causes skin rashes … Continue reading

luved.ca Comfy, Practical and FUN Tops for Women (REVIEW & GIVEAWAY)

Luved tops are created “for women by women” with all shapes and sizes in mind. Luved Clothing is designed to be used for casual daytime wear or more elegant evening wear and it comes in a variety of designs and colours. The majority of Luved Tops are made from the softest fleece I have ever felt! Because of its unique softeness, it does “shed” for the first few wears. However, after a handful of wash and dry cycles, the top gets softer and “sheds” much less becoming a super cozy, comfy, versatile and fun top! I absolutely love my Cole … Continue reading

Lancome Luxe Box Giveaway

As many of you may know, I was involved in a Contest to win a Lancome Luxury Luxe Box and I won! Yipee! Check out a Luxe Box: What does this mean?! It means that one of you will be randomly selected (if you enter) to win one too! I just received my Luxe Box on Friday and let me tell you that the contents are well worth entering for! I love Luxe Boxes. It is like Christmas morning when you open one. The box is specially personalized for you, the decor is elegant and the contents are so amazing! … Continue reading

Formal Holiday Attire from PromGirl.net

It’s that wonderful time of the year when many of us look into our wardrobes and wonder what on earth we are going to wear. There are holiday parties, work functions, friend parties and family gatherings, each with their own formalities. What do you prefer to wear? A cocktail dress perhaps? Do you prefer to wear short dresses or formal dresses, red dresses, black dresses or something a bit different? For me, if I am going to wear a dress, I much prefer to wear a formal, long dress. I love black dresses, but I also love the looks of … Continue reading

Lunapads – an Eco-Friendly Menstrual Product (Review and #Giveaway)

A few months ago, I started talking to Be Prepared Period on twitter. They host a monthly #periodtalk and from there, I was introduced to Lunapads.com. I was very curious to try out Lunapads but I truly had no idea what to expect. I was excited at the prospect of not creating so much garbage waste during that time of the month. My pads arrived and I eagerly awaited for my period to come (how often does that happen?!) so that I could test out these new pads. Actually, I decided to try them out BEFORE my period came so … Continue reading