Endless Top by @DianeKroe {REVIEW}

Did you just go on vacation and find it challenging with how you packed your clothing to ensure that nothing got wrinkled?

I have been introduced to a new solution!

Endless Top by Diane Kroe

This one size fits all top is made from a completely wrinkle free material. The top can literally be tossed into your bag however you like and it will always come out smooth and looking brand new! I love the feel of the soft material – I enjoy wearing “comfy clothing” and I also don’t iron. This top is definitely a great solution to both of those pre-requisites!

The versatility of this top is incredible. It can be worn in a variety of ways from a scarf, to a poncho and even a skirt (depending on your size – I am tall and found it to be too short in places). This top can also be used year round and for a variety of occasions from every day wear right to formal!

The Endless Top comes in six colours: magenta, red, olive, black, silver and peacock.

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3 Responses to Endless Top by @DianeKroe {REVIEW}

  1. I Love Diane Kroe! what colour is your top?

  2. Annie1 says:

    It sounds like a great top! (especially because its comfy and not in need of ironing) 🙂

    Thanks, I will have to check this out!

    Anne Taylor

  3. saskmom says:

    Oooooooooooh! This sounds right up my alley! I need to get me one, esp. for travelling!

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