The Spring Baby Time Show in Toronto April 25-27 {Giveaway} #BabyTimeShow

Last week, I shared a post that gave you a window into my world. One of things that I talked about was my love for babies! Because of my love for babies AND the fact that I love to chat with new Moms, I really enjoy attending the Baby Time Show! I love looking at all of the new gear available for Moms, babies and even Dads! The SPRING Baby Time Show in Toronto arrives April 25-27th! Will you be attending? Some of my favourite companies often attend the show like Naked Nursing Tank, Salsa Babies,, Booby Trapper amongst … Continue reading

The A to Z of Children’s Health: A Parent’s Guide from Birth to 10 Years {BOOK REVIEW}

In today’s hyper-connected world it is all too easy to turn to the internet for advice and information of all types including for health issues. As the parent of a toddler and someone who is a super-internet-user, I often turn to trusty Google when my little one isn’t feeling well to try to figure out what is wrong and what I should do (much to my husband’s chagrin!). While some of this information is helpful I am always cautious and a bit skeptical given that I don’t really know the source of the advice and if it can be trusted. … Continue reading

The Internship {Movie Review}

The Internship is a comedy about two friends Billy (Vince Vaughn – from what feels like every “guy” comedy of the last 15 years from Swingers to Dodgeball) and Nick (Owen Wilson – best known to most parents as the voice of Lightning McQueen) who find themselves unemployed and seemingly unemployable fortysomethings after the watch company they work in sales for unexpectedly closes down. They decide to apply for, and eventually obtain, a position for an internship at Google, where they have to compete with recent college grads for a full-time position. Before we continue, I feel like I need … Continue reading

The #BabyTimeShow is coming to #Toronto Next Week! {#GIVEAWAY}

Last year, I attended the BabyTime Show and had an incredible time! My niece had just been born and I was in “baby mode” all over again. The truth is, I have a thing with babies! I LOVE them! Many years ago, I dreamt of becoming what I called a “baby nurse”. I now wonder if I might go after a dream of becoming a doula. I know that I can get my baby fix right now, though, by attending the BabyTime Show! This show is perfect for expectant parents, new parents and even parents of toddlers and preschoolers. There … Continue reading

Walmart Helps New Moms with @Pampers #PGMom #PampersMom {#GIVEAWAY}

When my children were newborns, Pampers diapers were the only diapers we put on them! In fact, throughout my childrens’ diaper wearing days, Pampers was the trusted brand that we used, almost exclusively. What I mean by that is every time we decided to try out another brand, we always came back to Pampers! I am very pleased to announce that in August, Walmart Canada and P&G began sponsoring a series of prenatal programs in hospitals and community centres country wide by providing soon-to-be parents with special gift bags with Pampers product. The reusable Walmart gift bags include: a package … Continue reading

Get #FREE Admission to Our Kids Private School EXPOS

If you are considering sending your child to Private School, this information is for you! Private school definitely is not for everyone, but for those of you who are considering it OR who would like more information, the Private School EXPOS is the place to go to learn more! Our Kids is pleased to offer you VIP admission passes for a family of 4 to the upcoming Our Kids Private School Expos. By attending these EXPOS, you will have the opportunity to speak with school staff and education experts one-on-one, all in one day, to get answers to all of … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Full Day Kindergarten

I cannot believe that one week from today, the children will be heading back to school and summer will officially be over. Back to school time is always a very emotional time for me. I remember the nerves that escaleted within me, when I was a child, during the month of August as school approached. Then, when I became a teacher, those nerves turned into an anxious excitement. I never sleep the night before school, to this day! And now, as a parent, the nerves and anxiousness has taken on a completely new feel. My daughter will be heading into … Continue reading

TD Summer Reading Club for Kids #YMCKidsRead

LITERACY IS SO IMPORTANT! This post is part of’s support of the TD Summer Reading Club program and other TD Children’s Literacy initiatives. From the time I found out I was pregnant, one of the very first things that I made sure to do was to read to my babies! My husband and I chose one favourite book, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and we read it to my tummy almost every day. At the time, I was a Kindergarten teacher and children’s literacy was such a passion of mine (it still is!). We have … Continue reading

Is that Rash Eczema?

I should have known.My baby had rashes at two weeks old, and I didn’t think it was eczema, even though my spouse had mild localized eczema. Why didn’t I suspect it was eczema? I was faithfully reading a piece of paper from the hospital that listed rashes as one of the items I SHOULD NOT be worried about. So being a mom of a baby with eczema, and having helped families with eczema children worldwide through my blog, I think helping families recognize eczema is an important step to controlling eczema, and treating it. Which Rash is Not EczemaThe … Continue reading

Please Be Sure to @boatSMART This Summer! {#G!VEAWAY}

Every single summer, from the time that I was an infant, I have spent a part, if not all, of my summers up at the cottage. At first, my parents rented a cottage and when I was in grade nine, they were so fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase their own place on the same lake that we had grown to love. The cottage is a part of me and I couldn’t imagine a summer without at least one trip up there. One of my favourite activities up at the cottage is to go in the boat. I still … Continue reading