Please Be Sure to @boatSMART This Summer! {#G!VEAWAY}

Every single summer, from the time that I was an infant, I have spent a part, if not all, of my summers up at the cottage. At first, my parents rented a cottage and when I was in grade nine, they were so fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase their own place on the same lake that we had grown to love.

The cottage is a part of me and I couldn’t imagine a summer without at least one trip up there.

One of my favourite activities up at the cottage is to go in the boat. I still remember the first time that I was allowed to go in a canoe by myself. I cannot remember how old I was, but I remember the panic I felt when I had paddled out (not very far, I will add) and I realized that I didn’t know how to turn around. My Dad guided me back to the dock and gave me a few more lessons.

I also remember when I was deemed old enough to drive the small motor boat. I felt like such a big person because I could drive something!

We have used boats to water ski, tube and lounge on. I love being on the water!

Boat Safety and education has come a far way since I was a kid. Now, it is required that if you operate any motorized recreational watercraft in Canada you are required to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, commonly known as a boat license. The cost to obtain this license is $49.95 and can be easily done online!

Did you know that having a boating license is required by law in Canada and is subject to a $250 fine?

5 Tips to stay BOATsmart! this Summer and keep your family safe!
BOATsmart!, Canada’s leader in boating safety the country’s largest Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) provider, offers these five simple tips for safe boating:

  1. Get Your BOATsmart! Operator Card – All operators of motorized vessels require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Test your knowledge, learn boating safety skills and take the official Transport Canada Accredited exam at Your passengers will be at ease knowing you are qualified to drive them around the waterways.
  2. Wear a Life Jacket – It’s simple. Wearing a Lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) greatly reduces your risk of drowning. Eighty nine percent of people who drown while boating are not wearing a life jacket. Having them on board is not enough; Lifejackets don’t work unless you wear them! So be sure that everyone on board is wearing an approved PFD before heading out on the water.
  3. Don’t Drink and Boat – Alcohol and boating don’t mix – ever. In fact, the effects of alcohol are up to four times greater on the water due of the motion of your craft, the wind, waves and hot summer sun. Keep hydrated by drinking water – and keep the alcohol on shore.
  4. Be Prepared – Make sure your boat, safety equipment and passengers are prepared for a safe day on the water. Check your local weather before heading out and leave extra gas in the tank for a safe trip home. Have the confidence of insurance protection. Recreational boat insurance is available at
  5. Refresh Your Knowledge – Both novice and experienced boaters can benefit from taking a BOATsmart! course. From emergency preparedness to right-of-way rules, you’ll learn everything you need to boat with confidence. If you already have your boating license but need a quick refresher, be sure to download the BOATsmart! CONNECT APP complete with Free Animated Refresher Lessons for iPhone and Android.

For more information and boat safety advice, please visit

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17 Responses to Please Be Sure to @boatSMART This Summer! {#G!VEAWAY}

  1. C ssm says:

    Chilliwack Lake

  2. Sylvan Lake, AB or Pigeon Lake, AB

  3. Jennifer L. says:

    Jack Lake in Ontario

  4. MarianU says:

    Coon Lake in Ontario, near Burleigh Falls – and this is the perfect time for my husband to get the license!

  5. Sw33tKrv3lty says:

    Balsam lake going camping there soon!

    Jaimee M

  6. Nancy Tch says:

    Locally Lake Simcoe 🙂 Farther away Balsam Lake

  7. andie says:

    Lake Clear – near our home.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We like to visit Alouette Lake.

  9. lisa says:

    Cameron Lake

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