Back to School Shopping – Getting Prepared for Kindergarten!

kindergarten preparation

Backpacks, lunch accessories,  hair accessories, sunscreen and more.  There is a huge list of items to get organized for back to school. Consequently, Kindergarten preparation can be overwhelming! I have written an entire series about preparing your child for Kindergarten and what to pack for the first day. There is even a post about 5 things you can do to help a Kindergarten teacher.  After all, I did teach Kindergarten once.  Let me tell you, you have the ability to make a HUGE difference for a Kindergarten teacher by the choices you make! Imagine 30 children who don’t know what their backpack looks like, … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Full Day Kindergarten

I cannot believe that one week from today, the children will be heading back to school and summer will officially be over. Back to school time is always a very emotional time for me. I remember the nerves that escaleted within me, when I was a child, during the month of August as school approached. Then, when I became a teacher, those nerves turned into an anxious excitement. I never sleep the night before school, to this day! And now, as a parent, the nerves and anxiousness has taken on a completely new feel. My daughter will be heading into … Continue reading