The #BabyTimeShow is coming to #Toronto Next Week! {#GIVEAWAY}

Last year, I attended the BabyTime Show and had an incredible time! My niece had just been born and I was in “baby mode” all over again. The truth is, I have a thing with babies! I LOVE them! Many years ago, I dreamt of becoming what I called a “baby nurse”. I now wonder if I might go after a dream of becoming a doula. I know that I can get my baby fix right now, though, by attending the BabyTime Show!

This show is perfect for expectant parents, new parents and even parents of toddlers and preschoolers. There is definitely something for everyone! There is a HUGE and impressive list of vendors this year.

I am looking forward to visiting the amazing Naked Tank Nursing Tank ladies because they rock and their product is PERFECT and I just love chatting with them because they are two of the most happy, friendly ladies I have ever met!

I also can’t wait to check out the many photographers (and the amazing work they do with babies and pregnant women), the adorable clothing and accessories as well as the services available to parents.

I just might oogle and ogle over all of the adorable babies that are being carried and pushed around the show. If you see me there, wandering around with my big camera around my neck and you want me to give you a break from holding your baby, please come ask! You would absolutely make my day! Ask my friend, Little Miss Kate (who is also hosting a giveaway for tickets to the show) because I know that she will vouch for my love for babies! You can also visit Ideally Speaking for another chance to win! Please be honest and if you are selected to win on one blog, please turn down any other wins for the same giveaway!

Things to Know:

  • There is a Stroller Valet Service
  • There are extra wide aisles to accommodate the strollers
  • There is plenty of seating and rest areas for your comfort
  • There are two Playtex Change Areas
  • There are two Medela Private Nursing Rooms
  • CASH ONLY at the box office
  • And did I mention to watch for me so you can say hi and let me get a good baby fix! 🙂

BabyTime Show Details
What: The BabyTime Show – from prenatal to preschool
When: November 8,9,10 2013
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

Prize: 6 pairs of tickets to The BabyTime Show
TWO of the six winners will receive an individual pass to the It’s a Baby Bump-A-Palooza! Baby Shower event.
Open to: Canadian Residents who are able to get to the show (transportation not included)

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