REVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Containers

What organizer doesn’t love Rubbermaid? Rubbermaid is like my best friend! I have Rubbermaid all over my house – from laundry baskets to large item storage bins to plastic food storage and now glass food storage containers! The new Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Containers have a unique Easy Find Lids system that make it really easy to store the containers neatly in your cupboards. The lids snap to the bottom of the container and to each other to make finding the right lid quick and easy! No more missing lids running wild in my cupboards – yay! I really like … Continue reading

REVIEW: Gluten Free Chex Cereal

Recently, we took my daughter off of all lactose because we thought that she might have a lactose intolerance or sensitivity. During the month of having my daughter off lactose, we gained a true appreciation for people with allergies and sensitivities. For those of you who have Gluten sensitivities (that would be 14% of all Canadians), you will be happy to know that a new cereal by General Mills has hit grocery store shelves this June! CHEX cereal has two new GLUTEN FREE varieties: Honey Nut and Rice Chex. We have sampled both varieties in our house and both kids … Continue reading

REVIEW Dempster’s Thin Bagels

I love bagels, but I do find that sometimes there is just too much “umph” to them! I am very happy to announce that Dempster’s now has thin bagels that have only 100 calories each! They come in three varieties: white with whole grains Multigrain 100% Whole Grains and Cinnamon Raisin I’m a sweet tooth, so I’ve always been partial to sweet bagels myself. I love the Cinnamon Raisin kind, but the other two are great with cream cheese or peanut butter. Finally, a company who is up with the times, realizing that people are wanting to cut down on … Continue reading

REVIEW and (closed) GIVEAWAY: Sobey’s Burgers – Getting The Grill Going!

Congratulations to 409cope – the winner! Our family LOVES to use the BBQ during the summer months. Partly because of the fact that the house doesn’t get hot from the oven and party because of the delicious taste of food coming off of the grill. Sensations by Compliments brings you juicy, premium, homemade-style burgers perfect for any barbecue. I was able to sample two types of Compliments burgers, the Cheddar and Bacon and the Lean Sirloin Beef Burgers. You can make a guess which ones were for my husband and which ones were for me and the kids 😉 Whether … Continue reading

INFO: Peanut Butter Playground™ Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone Creamery

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine sure is! But it’s not about me this time around, although I’ve got a treat idea for Dad that actually involves the whole family! Peanut Butter Playground™ Icecream Cake from Tim HortonsWouldn’t this cake be the perfect way to finish off Father’s Day? Yummy Peanutty Buttery and Chocolately goodness…mmmmm…..and the fact that you don’t have to make it to top it off! A yummy, cold treat that the whole family can enjoy together in honour of Dad. Are you ready for this? This cake is made up of layers of Devil’s Food cake, smooth … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW and (closed) GIVEAWAY: What’s Eating Your Child The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments by Nutrition Detective Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND

Congratulations to the winner, Diana! Here is an excerpt from the book (reprinted with permission from Workman Publishing), I hope that it has you just as interested to read it as I was! Truth be told, when I was approached to review this book, I responded back saying that I had too much on my plate to read another large book like that, but I would write an information post for them along with posting this giveaway. While I was taking a quick flip through the book, I ended up reading the whole thing because I found it so interesting … Continue reading

REVIEW: Green Apple Tic Tacs

When I was a kid and I was allowed to walk down to the local Convenience Store to buy a treat, I often would buy a box of Tic Tacs. The white mint ones. I loved nibbling on little mint candies, one by one! I loved how you could chew them if you wanted or you could let them melt in your mouth slowly too. Now “x” number of years later (haha!) Tic Tacs have come out with a new flavour GREEN APPLE! YUMMY! We received a couple of packs of Green Apple Tic Tacs for sampling along with a … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: The Cake Mix Doctor’s Icing on the Cake by Anne Byrn

I was asked if I was interested in taking a quick sneak peek at this wonderful ebook FULL of mouth watering icing recipes! Apparently author, Anne Byrn, is the queen of cake mixes, but when it comes to frosting a cake, she believes in doing it from scratch. There are recipes for every type of frosting/topping you could ever imagine from traditional buttercream to glazes and drizzles! The only thing is that I cannot figure out where to buy this ebook for Canadians! Hopefully it will be coming soon….

(closed) GIVEAWAY: Mom’s Notecards with a Sweet Surprise Giveaway

Congratulations to Commenters #49 Amy C, #87 RBM, #42 Jessica, #85 TomGirlBC and #23 leanne_mac! With text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech conveniences, we hardly take the time to write handwritten notes anymore. Still, that’s what makes it even more special when we receive a handwritten note from a loved one. With Sweet Tweets, you can insert last minute reminders, or simple “I Love You” notes into your child’s lunch boxes, school bags and or camp care packages. Sweet Tweets are super-fun and extremely versatile, and a great way to make any moment a special occasion! Sweets tweets can … Continue reading