BOOK REVIEW and (closed) GIVEAWAY: What’s Eating Your Child The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments by Nutrition Detective Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND

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Here is an excerpt from the book (reprinted with permission from Workman Publishing), I hope that it has you just as interested to read it as I was! Truth be told, when I was approached to review this book, I responded back saying that I had too much on my plate to read another large book like that, but I would write an information post for them along with posting this giveaway. While I was taking a quick flip through the book, I ended up reading the whole thing because I found it so interesting and informative! This book just might be the answer to some of our problems surrounding one of my children, thanks to author Kelly Dorfman!

Introduction From WHAT’S EATING YOUR CHILD? (Workman Publishing; June 6, 2011; $13.95; Paperback Original) by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND

Have you ever wondered why your son keeps getting ear infections? Are you uncomfortable giving him so many antibiotics? Does your child look pale and pasty and get sick often? Have you ever worried that your moody daughter who lives on pasta and apple juice is malnourished, despite your doctor’s assurance that she’s fine because she’s “on the growth chart”? Have you ever suspected that your son’s inattentiveness may have something to do with how little he sleeps and how much sugary food he eats? These concerns may seem difficult to address and like part of everyday parenthood, but they can disrupt the fabric of a child’s (and a family’s) life.

For the past twenty-nine years, I’ve been working directly with the families of thousands of children of all ages—from newborn babies to teenagers to kids home from college—fielding such questions about the reasons behind seemingly innocuous but otherwise “untreatable” childhood behaviors and conditions. These children are referred to me by their stymied physicians, frustrated specialists, concerned teachers, and other parents of children with whom I’ve worked, as well as by word of mouth that seems to have spread from the East Coast to the West. The average family in my practice has consulted between three and five medical experts before seeking my advice. They come to me because they have reached the end of the line with ineffective treatments for their child’s ailments and need a new, more successful way to approach his or her health problems. Indeed, the bodies of today’s children are under fire from environmental pollutants, additives in processed food, viruses messing up their developing neurological systems, and reactions to commonplace foods that can cause behavioural, psychological, and physical symptoms. This generation of children has the highest rate of food allergies, obesity, behavioural and emotional disorders, autoimmune disease, and learning issues ever recorded.

What have I been offering to these children and their concerned parents? Simple yet scientifically supported nutritional solutions that address, mitigate, and sometimes even erase both the symptoms and the causes of such stubborn health problems as food allergies, reflux, constipation, picky eating, attention issues, moodiness, behavioural difficulties, lack of energy, sleeplessness, and learning disabilities.

Of course, you will not be surprised to know that as a nutritionist with decades of experience, I believe in the power of good foods, vitamins, and minerals to create better health, growth, and development in children. But what may be unfamiliar to you is the degree to which nutrition plays a role in healing ordinary conditions and extraordinary situations—from earwax build up to reflux, from temper tantrums to chronic tummy aches, from odd social behaviour to pervasive anxiety. Yes, in many cases these situations stem from nutritional deficiencies or negative reactions to certain food groups.

Many years ago when I first began realizing the extent of the nutrition crisis in our country’s children, I was distraught. Why weren’t families getting proper nutrition advice? Was our health care system so backward that it couldn’t provide essential, scientifically supported nutrition information to parents? I took this frustration and decided to channel it for good: I not only began to delve into the most cutting-edge, published research on the effect of nutrition on behavioural, emotional, physical, and learning issues that commonly occur in children, but I co-founded a non-profit organization called Developmental Delay Resources to help parents and professionals find safe biological treatments for attention, behavioural, and cognitive issues. I was committed to taking on this challenge and reaching as many of these kids as possible. And even though many of the children I’ve treated have experienced remarkable recoveries, I know there are thousands more out there who need this same information. It’s for this reason that I have written this book.

WHAT’S EATING YOUR CHILD? is for those of you who have been looking for a way to navigate and sort through all the new information about nutrition—from omega-3 fatty acids to vitamin C. As parents, we are inundated with nutritional information, but no single place succinctly applies it to specific childhood health concerns.

What do I do exactly? I teach parents how to think about health and become the chief investigator in the unsolved mystery behind their child’s elusive condition. In most cases, these children not only experience a reversal of debilitating symptoms but discover the power they have over their own health—all by adding missing vitamins or minerals, avoiding foods that their bodies can’t tolerate, or taking a supplement that their brains need to function properly.

WHAT’S EATING YOUR CHILD? is for parents who want to be proactive participants in their children’s health, confident about and able to implement the most cutting-edge, scientifically supported nutritional advice available today. It’s also for those of you who want alternatives to relying on over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions that may or may not work and have their own side effects. If you feel in your gut that something is upsetting your child’s stomach or affecting his ability to sleep, calm down, or focus, then you are probably right. And the strategies and insights that I’ve gathered here will enable you to follow that gut feeling and find real, healthy ways to get your child on the right track so he can grow—physically, emotionally, and intellectually—to his full potential. This nutritional advice can truly change your child’s health destiny!


One copy of What’s Eating Your Child The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments by Kelly Dorfman

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This giveaway closes on Thursday June 30th, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be contacted via email.

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