Easy School Lunches with Schneiders Simply Lunch {Giveaway}

Schneiders Simply Lunch

I know that I really shouldn’t leave packing lunches to the morning, but I do. It is our routine and I just cannot seem to get into the habit of packing up lunches the night before, despite the fact that it would make our mornings smoother! That is why when I was introduced to Schneiders Simply Lunch, I was very excited! There are mornings where we all sleep in and packing lunches is a last minute panic. There are two lunch kits available: Ham & Cheese lunch kit includes smoked ham slices, Colby cheese, wheat crackers and chocolate chip cookies … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Nutrition Facts and Enter to Win FREE FOOD!

Know Your Nutrition Facts

We are going to talk about how to read the Nutrition Facts label on the back of food packages. Tips for healthier living are everywhere today, it is often challenging to get the straight up facts. There are new foods and trends popping up what seems like every single day. My goal in this article is to help you make informed choices when it comes to feeding your family. First and foremost, we must always remember that fresh food is always best. Whenever possible, shopping on the perimeter of your grocery store will ensure that your family is consuming foods … Continue reading

Chicken Pot Pie….the CHEESY Version!

Chicken Pot Pie the Cheesy Version

This version of Chicken Pot Pie will go down in my books as a true comfort food! It is great to have on a cold, wintry day and believe it or not is quite easy to make! If you love cheese, you’ll be sure to love this cheesy version of Chicken Pot Pie! You can use leftover chicken for the recipe OR you can poach fresh chicken specifically for this dish. This cheesy spin on a traditional family favourite of Chicken Pot Pie is definitely a great meal to to serve on a cold winter day. Chicken Pot Pie….the CHEESY … Continue reading

Canada’s National Organic Week {Giveaway}

Natures Path Giveaway

Organic week is the largest annual homage to organic food, farming and products across the country! Why organic? There are so many reasons to consider organic. This video explains it for you: Organic food is crafted without harmful pesticides, GMOs or artificial flavours and synthetic sweeteners, so all you taste is real, delicious, wholefood goodness. The way all food ought to be! If you enjoy trying out organic food, I encourage you try out the following: Nature’s Path delicious granolas including Pumpkin Flax Granola and Coconut Chia Granola, as well as tasty and healthful Flax Plus Flakes Cereal. EnviroKidz children’s … Continue reading

Healthy Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Healthy Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Towards the end of August, my body was really starting to feel dragged down. I wasn’t eating properly nor was I sleeping well and I know that a part of that was how I was choosing to eat. We always have a choice in what we eat. I have always struggled with my blood sugar levels. My Mom still tells stories about how grumpy I was after school as a child. She would literally meet me at our side door with a cracker to shove in my mouth. As an adult, I am much more aware of my blood sugar … Continue reading

Homemade Peanut Free School Snacks

Peanut Free School Snacks

I wrote about how to prepare your child for taking their lunch to school when they are in Kindergarten. For most Kindergarten children, this is their first exposure to lunch bags and containers and I’ve shared some tricks to help them in their first few weeks. Now, we need to talk about WHAT to pack in their lunch bag! Many children (including mine) do not love sandwiches (other than peanut butter and grilled cheese), which makes it challenging to pack their lunches. The first few weeks are usually relatively easy, but come week 3 or 4, I often find myself … Continue reading

What Does Superfood Even Mean? {Giveaway}

superfood giveaway

I’m embarking on a new path right now in my life. I feel like this new path began way back last September when I started with Norwex. So many things have changed for the better since then! Now, my path is turning a wee bit, perhaps even a wee bit up hill as I am going to be tackling my health. Specifically, my nutritional health, by paying more attention to the food that I am eating. This is why I’m so excited to have discovered Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Snack Bars! Wherever I am in my day, they will help … Continue reading

Homemade BBQ Sauce {Giveaway}

Homemade BBQ Sauce

I love sauces of all kinds! Sweet ones, sour ones and even sometimes, spicy ones! My daughter apparently inherited this love for sauces from me because she too enjoys a good sauce. We have recently discovered some new products to use as condiments from French’s. Our Homemade Sweet Rib Sauce can easily be transformed into a spicier version with the change of one simple ingredient! Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe Type: sauce Author: Multi-Testing Mommy Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins This delicious Homemade BBQ Sauce makes the perfect condiment for any summer BBQ! Ingredients 1 cup French’s Tomato … Continue reading

Beef Taquitos

Beef Taquitos

On the weekend, the kids and I headed to the Jays baseball game. It’s a very long story how this all happened, but in the end, all you need to know is that hubby stayed home. He knew that we would be coming home around dinner time, so he asked me what I had planned for dinner. I had taken ground beef out of the freezer the day before and didn’t end up using it. I had intentions of figuring out how to make beef taquitos and so that is what I told him. He didn’t skip a beat and … Continue reading

A Power Packed Smoothie to Start the Day!

Power Packed Smoothie

Please don’t yell at me….. I’m starting to think about what my morning routine is going to look like in a few weeks once school starts up again. WHY? Well, after some inspirational talks with my friend Michele at Juice Plus, I’ve become motivated to re-think my morning routine. My new routine is going to include a Power Packed Smoothie to Start the Day!   What does my routine look like right now? After lying in bed for about 15 minutes, slowly waking up while checking emails and social media on my phone, I stumble downstairs and drink a tall … Continue reading