What Would YOU Do if You Won FREE GROCERIES for a YEAR?

When you become a parent, your world changes completely. The answer to one, simple question can change over night when you become a parent. For me, prior to having children, if I were to answer the question: What would you do if you won free groceries for a year?, my answer would definitely be considerably different compared to after having children.
Free Groceries

The great news is, you have an opportunity to win FREE GROCERIES for a year as well as six $1000 Food Basics Gift Cards!

This free groceries giveaway is called the
Food Basics “I Want It All Event”.

Here’s how to enter to win free groceries:
Film, upload, share and win! Film a 5-15 second video answering the question: “If you won free groceries for an entire year, what would you do with the savings?” Upload the video to the Food Basics Website for a chance to win a prize of $1,000 in Food Basics gift cards!

Don’t be surprised if an in-store team member is seen walking around with a camera to ask customers what “I want it all” means to them for additional chances to win!

Be sure to share what having it all means to you on social media with the hashtags #iwantiitall #foodbasics.
Note: To be entered in the contest, videos must be uploaded to the web, sharing on social media won’t count as a contest entry.
Multi-Testing Mommy
Here are some of my thoughts. It’s truly amazing how our perspective changes when we become a parent.

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8 Responses to What Would YOU Do if You Won FREE GROCERIES for a YEAR?

  1. binabug says:

    GOOD luck to the provinces who have this grocery store 🙂

    • It sounds like you don’t have access to a Food Basics store – I’m sorry 🙁 Thank you for visiting!

      • binabug says:

        I think eventually we’ll get them if they are competive enough!! It took forever to get a noFrills store and then everyone was sadly disappointed because basically its just a superstore , way smaller with the same exact items but no real sales (both are owned by loblaws) We’re to get a saveONfoods soon in the closest city and we’ll see how competitive they are as well (And if they are supplied by Loblaws as well, and don’t offer incentives like superstore, I can’t see many people switching.) I don’t even think we’ve got an Ikea in our province LOL (and I am happy to come here and post and help support your blog!!)

        • Oh man! What province are you in?

          I actually do find No Frills to be better deals than the Superstore. Often the quality of the store depends on the manager, in my experience.

          I’m not familiar with saveONfoods!

          • binabug says:

            oh I’m in SK, regina’s got their first save on foods, so hopefully they start building ours soon LOL…there’s just a sign saying where its going. We have one no frills (very tiny store) and we also have two (maybe more) Independent groceries (loblaws again)

          • I hope that you get one that you are happy with! 🙂

          • binabug says:

            I think any savvy shopper goes to more then one store. I was just at the local co-op on Tue because they had the 10 for $10 sale. Most people I know do shop at various stores (But I also do know people who will only Costco shop)

  2. binabug says:

    GOOD luck to the provinces who have this grocery store 🙂

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