Do You Know Your Nutrition Facts and Enter to Win FREE FOOD!

Know Your Nutrition Facts

We are going to talk about how to read the Nutrition Facts label on the back of food packages. Tips for healthier living are everywhere today, it is often challenging to get the straight up facts. There are new foods and trends popping up what seems like every single day. My goal in this article is to help you make informed choices when it comes to feeding your family. First and foremost, we must always remember that fresh food is always best. Whenever possible, shopping on the perimeter of your grocery store will ensure that your family is consuming foods … Continue reading

Helpful Nutrition Tips for Babies from @Mother_Hen

Mother Hen

Did you know that March is Nutrition Month? Mother Hen has provided me with some Nutrition Tips for Babies to share with you. I am a huge fan of Mother Hen baby food! I remember that I first discovered it when my daughter started to eat meat. I was wanting to make my own baby food at home, but I found it very difficult to perfect the fine consistency that she needed when it came to meat. I found the frozen pucks of meat, from Mother Hen, to be so convenient and I loved that their food is all natural … Continue reading