Chicken Pot Pie….the CHEESY Version!

Chicken Pot Pie the Cheesy Version

This version of Chicken Pot Pie will go down in my books as a true comfort food! It is great to have on a cold, wintry day and believe it or not is quite easy to make! If you love cheese, you’ll be sure to love this cheesy version of Chicken Pot Pie! You can use leftover chicken for the recipe OR you can poach fresh chicken specifically for this dish. This cheesy spin on a traditional family favourite of Chicken Pot Pie is definitely a great meal to to serve on a cold winter day. Chicken Pot Pie….the CHEESY … Continue reading

Say Cheese! #Cheesefest via @KraftCanada

cheesey french toast

I have some VERY picky eaters in my house, but one thing that I can always count on is CHEESE! Every afternoon in my house is considered a Cheesefest because that is my son’s preferred after school snack. He loves his cheese melted plain on the plate OR melted on top of crackers. My daughter prefers hers as a piece of cheese. Hubby and I love cheese in a variety of ways. The great thing about cheese is that it is easy to use in a large variety of ways. Calling ALL Cheese Lovers to Cheesefest!   Whether you enjoy … Continue reading

Search No More for a Stretchy and Flavourful Mozzarella Cheese!

Do you have a favourite cheese? In our house, our favourite is stretchy and flavourful mozzarella called Mozzarellissima. It is our “go to cheese”! Each of us has our own preferences for how we like to enjoy it best! My son enjoys Mozzarellissima melted on a plate as an after school snack. Yes, you read that right – just melted cheese on its own. It is THAT good! Lately, I have been trying to re-introduce him to melted cheese on crackers… My daughter enjoys a small chunk of cheese to nibble on. I love Mozzarellissima in many of my dinner … Continue reading