A Rockstar Fundraiser for Mental Health


My friend Judy Brunton in my world is a hero. She is a hero for Mental Health Awareness. This woman is known around her community as someone who is extremely passionate about raising awareness and funds for mental health. If you are local to the Greater Toronto Area and you would like to support one of her biggest fundraising efforts, you can attend her Annual Fundraiser for Mental Health this Saturday, November 3 from 10am – 4pm. If you want to be inspired by someone who truly cares about people, her family and her community, get to know Judy a … Continue reading

Tips for Supporting Your Children

Tips for Supporting your children

Growing up isn’t easy. Young people today face a number of pressures to succeed, compete, and conform. School, extra-curricular activities, and family can all impact a young person’s mental health and sense of well-being if goals, expectations, and problems start to seem too big. Every young person, regardless of the neighbourhood they live in, the friends they have, the family they come from, or the school they go to will experience challenges and uncertainties as they grow. We can all benefit from having supportive people in our lives, but asking for help isn’t always easy. There are a number of … Continue reading